How to Find the Perfect Corporate Housing in Texas for Your Group

How to Find the Perfect Corporate Housing in Texas for Your Group

Sometimes, you need a great team of people to move to a new location to get a job done. If you find yourself with a group of employees that need to relocate, it may feel overwhelming, especially in a large state like Texas. There are plenty of great corporate housing options across the bighorn state though. So here is how to get your group together and find the perfect corporate housing in Texas. 

Find the Right Location 

When you are moving a group of people to a new place, you’ll have to find a location that works best for most people. While this can be a challenge, you should look for convenient locations. You should look into walkable neighborhoods in different Texas cities. A walkable neighborhood means that everything your employees may need is within walking distance. This includes grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and even outdoor spaces. Even if a neighborhood isn’t walkable, it should include a point of interest for people to enjoy. Some of the most popular locations for corporate housing in Texas are:

  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Houston
  • San Antonio 

If your company has offices in one of these cities, you can start looking for buildings and housing solutions that are within walking distance of the office. Luckily, San Antonio and Austin both have great housing options that are walkable. While Dallas has the light rail, an efficient public transportation option throughout the city. Once you find a location that is central to the office and easily accessible to public transportation options, you can begin to find housing options for your group. 

Corporate Housing Options in Texas

In the major cities in Texas, there are many different corporate housing options you can choose from for your group. When you only have to worry about one or two people, you can find short-term rentals or bedroom options quite easily. It can be a bit more tricky with a group. But with tips on corporate housing in your back pocket, you’ll be able to find something that works for everyone. 

A popular option for group relocations is on-demand workforce housing. Through on-demand housing with corporate relocation services, you can more easily find housing options for groups that are fully furnished. This method of housing is flexible and accommodates all of the needs of your employees. It works by bundling billing and finding apartments or large homes with a room for each person guaranteed. In a city in Texas, you can book all of your employees in one apartment complex close to their place of work. You won’t have to worry about separate building policies either.

When moving a group of people to Texas, it may be tempting to find a hotel or short-term option. But your employees deserve to stay in a place that has all of the same amenities as home and doesn’t feel temporary. 

Ensure Amenities for Your Group 

While you have to find a place that works for everyone in your group, you also need to ensure they have access to crucial amenities. Some of these amenities include high-speed internet, cable, appliances, and even linens. A corporate relocation that is a month or longer requires the living space to have more than a hotel may offer. Your employees need places to cook, wash their clothes and relax. 

Another way to ensure corporate housing accommodates these needs is to find furnished housing. Whether this is short-term or long-term, there are plenty of furnished apartments and houses in Texas that make corporate relocations easy. Furnishing an entire home or multiple apartments for a group is costly and impractical. The perfect corporate housing includes basic furniture that makes it easy for people to move in and out. 

In some towns in Texas, you may also want to find housing options that include parking if your employees need their vehicles to get to work. 

If your group is moving to a city like Austin or San Antonio, a nice touch that can make their corporate housing experience memorable is living close to an outdoor space. Both cities have incredible green spaces that people use for exercise and stress relief every day. Those in Austin can enjoy the Barton Creek Greenbelt while employees in San Antonio can take a stroll down the beautiful River Walk. 

Employees should be able to enjoy their time in Texas when they aren’t in the office. So choosing housing that puts them right near outdoor spaces can be a great way to create work-life balance. 


Many spots across the state of Texas are perfect for corporate relocations. From amazing nightlife to beautiful outdoor spaces, your employees will be happy calling Texas their home.