Hot and cold foods in Chinese medicine

Hot and cold foods in Chinese medicine

        Chines medicine believes that most of the herbs and foods that can cure the people with hot syndrome are cool or cold, otherwise others that can cure cold syndrome are warm or hot.  In the same way, all foods that are hot or warm are suitable for people with cold syndrome, and all foods that are cool or cold are only suitable for people with hot syndrome or strong physical fitness.

        Cool and cold, warm and hot are the differences in their degree. Warm foods mostly have the effects of warming and replenishing the people's body with cold syndrome, and cold foods generally have the effects of clearing hot and purging fire, nourishing yin and increasing body fluid. In addition, for more neutral foods, oriental medicine refer to foods that are relatively gentle in nature, neither hot nor cold.

        Food is hot, cold, and gentle. Everyone's physique is different. People which often have inflammation should eat more cold food, and those who are afraid of cold should certainly eat more hot ones. As for gentle ones, of course anyone can eat them.

Warm foods

        Lamb, beef, chicken, goat milk, cow milk, yellow croaker, red dates, longan, lychee, kumquat, leek, ginger, garlic, pepper, onion, pepper, etc.

Cold foods

        Duck, honey, kelp, mung bean, wax gourd, watermelon, loofah, cucumber, black fungus, banana, persimmon, pear, etc.

Gentle foods

        Eggs, white fungus, red beans, peas, radishes, lotus seeds, lotus root, yam, spinach, beans, carp, etc.