Chinese medicine foods for spleen health

Medicated diet invigorating the spleen

Dyspepsia is common in chronic colitis, chronic gastritis and other diseases in modern medicine. And traditional Chinese medicine look it as "diarrhea". It is often caused by congenital deficiency, eating disorder, and external dampness. It would be better by food therapy.

And now there are several kinds of Chinese medicine foods for spleen health as below.

1. Mountain yam and lotus seed porridge:

Mountain yam 10 grams, lotus seeds 10 grams, semen coicis 30 grams, jujubes 10pcs, rice 100 grams. Boil them together to porridge and is suitable for loose stools and diarrhea as weak spleen and kidney.

2. White hyacinth bean and semen coicis porridge:

semen coicis 50 grams, white hyacinth 30 grams, and rice 50 grams. Boil together to porridge to drink, especially suitable for diarrhea caused by damp and heat in summer.

3. Hawthorn fruit and jujube tea:

Hawthorn fruit 10 grams, fried fructus hordei germinatus 10 grams, rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae (Bai zhu) 5 grams, jujubes 10 pcs. Decoction in water, drink it as tea, is suitable for food accumulation, abdominal distension and diarrhea.

4. Mountain yam and jujube porridge

Poria cocos 20 grams, jujubes 10 grams, mountain yams 20 grams, short grain 50 grams, dark brown sugar. The jujubes are pitted. And then boiled poria cocos, jujubes, mountain yams, and short grain together to porridge, add appropriate amount of dark brown sugar, Eat it for three times.
It is suitable for deficiency of spleen and stomach, lack of food and loose stools, fatigue, can often eat.