How to beat insomnia

How to beat insomnia

       Insomnia is frequent reduction in sleep, or difficulty falling asleep, or waking up easily, unable to fall asleep again after waking up, or even staying up all night. Then how to beat insomnia for us? Anyone who cannot fall asleep occasionally due to uneven cold or heat, bedding is too cold or warm, drinking strong tea or coffee, and other excitatory beverages before going to bed, or occasionally unable to fall asleep due to mental stimulation or too much thinking is not a disease. If you cannot fall asleep due to pain, wheezing, itching, etc., it is not in the scope of this disease.
Causes and treatment:
1) Insufficient heart yin:
Main symptoms:
Difficulty falling asleep, palpitations and annoyance, more dreaminess and forgetfulness, sweating when being asleep, hot hands and feet, dry mouth and throat, red tongue and less fluid, pulse thready and rapid. This type of insomnia are cause of lack of heart yin, heart yang is too strong, yin does not love yang, and the mind is restless.
The main purpose is to nourish the heart yin, and prescription is Tian Wang Bu Xin Pill addition or subtraction.
2) Heart and kidney failure to connect:
Main symptoms:
Difficulty falling asleep, even sleepless all night, dizziness, tinnitus, sweating when being asleep, hot hands, feet and heart, and upset, forgetfulness and more dreaminess, soreness in waist and knees, nocturnal emission, red tongue with little coating, and pulse thready and rapid. The type of insomnia is caused by fatigue and internal injury, lack of kidney yin at the bottom, unable to go up to help the heart, the heart and fire are only hyperactive at the top, cannot be handed down to the kidneys, and the heart and kidneys cannot be combined with water and fire.
It is suitable to nourish kidney water, reduce heart fire, make heart and kidney connected, use Huang Lian E Jiao Soup and Jiao Tai Pills. Or use Rhizoma Pinelliae (Pinellia), Spica Prunellae to connect the heart and kidney, also can be used together.
3) Deficiency of heart and spleen:
Main symptoms:
Insomnia, more dreaminess and easy to wake up, poor complexion, fatigue, shortness of breath, lazy speech, heart palpitations and forgetfulness, lack of food and loose stools, pale tongue, thin coating, pulse thready and week. The type of insomnia is due to tiredness of thinking, hurting the heart and spleen, weak spleen, insufficient qi and the root of blood and qi production is poor, and blood not nourishing the heart, resulting in restlessness and insomnia.
It is used to strengthen the spleen and qi, nourish the blood and calm the nerves, and select Gui Pi Soup, Ba Zhen Soup and fried Semen Ziziphi Spinosae, Radix Polygalae (Polygala), Tuber Fleeceflower Stem, etc.
4) Deficiency of biliary qi:
Main symptom:
Fear and being unable to sleep alone, easy to wake up, such as a person will catch him, easy to fright, dizziness, or vomiting bitter juice, fat and pale tongue, thready, weak and moderate pulse. It is often caused by sudden panic, qi sinking and bile injured, so that can not make decisions, and unable to asleep with fear.
It is appropriate to warm the gallbladder to replenish qi and calm the nerves, and use Gan Dan Liang Yi Soup and Wu You Soup, etc.
5)Liver and gallbladder depressed and hot:
Main symptoms:
Restless to sleep and lie down, more dreaminess and easy awakening, irritability, fullness of the chest, often sigh, mouth bitter and red eyes, short red urine, red tongue, yellow coating, wiry and rapid pulse. It is caused by anger and liver injury, liver qi loses its the function of venting, stagnate for a long time, and changed to be fire; Hot and disturbing the heart, and uneasy.
It is suitable for clearing heat and purging fire to soothe the nerves. The prescription is Long Dan Xie Gan Soup, Qing Dan Zhu Ru Soup, or add Dragon's Teeth, Concha Margaritifera (mother-of-pearl), and Magnetitum (magnet).
6) Phlegm-heat disturbing the heart:
Main symptoms:
Restless to sleep and lie down, more dreaminess, easy waking up, chest tightness and more phlegm, nausea and vomiting, bitter and sticky mouth, red tongue, yellow greasy coating, slippery and rapid pulse. It is caused by phlegm heat disturbing the heart, is due to the spleen is poor, or addicted to eating fat and sweet, accumulating dampness and producing phlegm, phlegm accumulates and transforming into heat.
To clear heat, dissipate phlegm and soothe the nerves, choose Huang Lian Wen Dan Soup and Dao Tan Soup.
7) Strong heart fire:
Main symptoms:
Insomnia and more dreaminess, irritability, palpitation, red face and bitter mouth, sore mouth and tongue, short red urine, red tongue, forcefull pulse. It is cause of annoying and sadness, the heart is full of fire, and the mind is not guarded.
To clear the heart fire and soothe the nerves, use Dao Chi Powder with Zhu Sha An Shen Pills.
8) Residual heat disturbs the thoracic diaphragm:
Main symptoms:
Restless to sit and lie down, difficult to sleep, suffocation, noisy like hungry, red tongue, thin yellow coating, thready and rapid pulse. It is the late stage of fever diseases, the residual heat is not clear, and it disturbs the heart.
It is to clear away residual heat, and use Zhu Ye Shi Gao Soup and Zhi Zi Chi Soup.
In addition, insomnia can also be treated with acupuncture:
Main to calm the nerves. According to the symptoms, to select acupoints, using supplement method, flattening or reducing method, or use acupuncture and moxibustion together.
Acupoints: Shen Men, San Yin Jiao.
If loss of heart and spleen, add Xin Shu, Jue Yin Shu, Pi Shu; Kidney deficiency, Add Xin Shu, Tai Xi; Deficiency of heart and gallbladder Qi, add Xin Shu, Dan Shu, Da Ling, Qiu xu; liver-yang disturbing, with Gan Shu, Jian Shi, Tai Chong; the spleen and stomach are not compatible, add Wei Shu and Zu San Li.


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