Acute lumbar sprain causes and treatment

Acute lumbar sprain causes and treatment
Acute lumbar sprain causes and treatment

         Acute lumbar sprain causes are sudden tears of soft tissues such as waist muscles, fascia and ligaments in a certain state. 90% of the most common sites are the lumbosacral hip joints. The clinical symptoms are continuous and unabated severe pain on one or both sides of the waist after injury, movement is restricted, the patient is unable to stand up after sitting down, the waist cannot be straightened, and the lumbar spine tilts to the affected side more, difficulty in pitching, and twisting. Physical examination showed that the patient's waist muscles were tight and stiff, the lumbar lordosis disappeared, and there may be scoliosis and sacral spinal spasm. Obvious tenderness points can be found at the injured site.
        It could be treat by Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine consider it is caused by trauma or improper exertion of labor and injury to the waist and spine, resulting in obstruction of the meridians and blood stasis. Acupuncture at Hou Xi acupoint has a certain therapeutic effect.
        And let the patient to take a seated position, slightly clenched his hand of the affected side and place it on the table. After routine disinfection, the needle is directly pierced at Hou Xi acupoint about 0.8 cun (2.67 cm), and lifting and thrusting of needle is applied. When the acupuncture site has obvious pain, the needle will be retained. Instruct the patient to move the waist slowly with the needle, focusing on the direction of pain, limitation, and obstacle, ranging from small to large. When the patient feels that the pain, limitation, obstacle and other discomforts are clearly reduced (disappeared), the needle can be took out , when retaining the needle, strengthen the needle every 10 minutes. Under normal circumstances, it can be cured once, if the patients are not completely cured, they can be treated continuously for 2 to 3 times, once a day.
        The Hou Xi acupoint is located in the hand and is an acupoint of the small intestine meridian.
        Look for the location of Hou Xi acupoint: Make a fist with your hand, and the end of the horizontal lines behind the metacarpophalangeal joint is the acupoint.


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