Shortness of breath treatment of TCM

Shortness of breath treatment of TCM
Shortness of breath treatment of TCM

Symptom name: Less Qi
        Less Qi, refers to shortness of breath and weakness in speech.
Causes and treatment:
1. Heat injury to Qi and Yin:
        It is more common in the late stage of exogenous fever, when the fever subsides and then less Qi, lazy speech, fatigue, thinness, slight wheezing, sweating, dry mouth, yellow urine, dry stool, thin tongue coating or no tongue coating, pulse thready and rapid; or in summer season, hurt by heat, then less Qi, fatigue, body heat and more sweat, thirsty, upset, etc. It is mostly caused by evil heat entering the lungs and stomach, damaging Qi and draining Yin.
It is suitable for Zhu Ye Shi Gao Soup.
2. Deficiency of spleen Qi:
        Less Qi and lazy talk, don't want to eat, tiredness, loose stools, pale complexion, fat and tender tongue, and pulse deficient and soggy. It is often caused by physical weakness, or as chronic illness and injured to the spleen, etc. and the Qi of spleen weak, no power to move and transform, drink and food can not transform into essence, no Qi is generated, so there is less qi, and there are manifestations of weak spleen (lack of food, tiredness and laziness, loose stools, etc.). It should nourish the spleen, and suitable for Liu Shen San or Bu Zhong Yi Qi Soup .
3. Weak heart Qi:
        Less Qi, palpitations, spontaneous sweating, trance, mental fatigue, less sleep, easy to wake up after sleep, thin tongue coatinig, weak pulse. The heart is the emperor's fire. If the body is weak, or chronic diseases, or worrying, sad, overworked, etc., lead to the heart weakness, less Qi, and palpitations, sweating, irritability and insomnia. The treatment is to replenish the heart, calm the mind and soothe the nerves, and suitable for An Shen Ding Zhi pills or Zhi Gan Cao soup.
4. Deficiency of lung Qi:
        Less Qi, spontaneous sweating, low voice, weak breathing, shortness of breath, fatigue, pale complexion, frequent colds and coughs, pale tongue, weak pulse. It is caused by chronic lung disease, or chronic cough injures to lung Qi; or congenital deficiency, postnatal disorder, weak physical fitness, lead to lung Qi weak. Lungs govern Qi and breathe, while lung Qi is insufficient, means less breath. Dialectical points: low voice, short voice and slight breath, especially movement. It is easy for patients to catch colds and coughs, are intolerant to evil invasions, and have more severe disease than normal. It should be to replenish lung qi, and the suitable for Bu Fei Soup, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Soup and Yu Ping Feng Powder.



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