How to get rid of psoriasis fast

How to get rid of psoriasis fast
How to get rid of psoriasis fast

        Psoriasis is a chronic itchy skin disease with thick and firm skin that looks like cow's neck. The disease is clinically characterized by localized lichenoid changes of the skin with severe itching. Often find in young and adults. sometimes light and sometimes heavy, usually intensified in summer, and relieved in winter. It is equivalent to neurodermatitis in modern medicine. Then how to get rid of psoriasis fast? Let us see how does TCM do with it.
        At first, it is mostly caused by wind evil, we evil and heat evil that blocks the skin. It consumes Yin fluid for long time, lead to blood deficiency, and then beget wind and dryness, and skin loses nourishment; blood deficiency and liver prosperity, emotional dissatisfaction, depression, or nervousness, fatigue, and the heart fire heat, so that the blood circulation is negligible, and the skin is stagnated. Each is an important factor for inducing the disease.
        In a word, emotional internal injuries and invasion of wind evil are the factors of the disease, and the pathogenesis of this disease is the loss of blood, the meridians blocked, and the stagnation of Qi and blood.
        It usually occurs in the neck, elbows, sacrum and calf side. It is often symmetrically distributed, and it can also be arrayed linearly along the cutaneous nerve.
        At first, the skin lesions are polygonal flat papules with a tendency to aggregate. The skin color is normal or slightly flushed, and the surface is shiny or covered with thin chaff-like scales. Later due to constant scratching or friction, the papules gradually expand and merge into pieces, And then followed by local skin thickening, deepening of the texture, interlacing each other, the surface is dry and rough, and there are a little grayish white scales, and it is mossy. The skin damage can be round or irregular patches with clear boundaries and is rough. Due to scratching, scratches, bleeding spots, or blood scabs may appear on the affected area and its surroundings, and new flat papules may also appear nearby.
        Feeling paroxysmal itching, more severe when the clothes rubs and sweat stains, especially at night, scratching without pain. When mood swings, itching also increases. Because itching can affect work and rest, patients are often accompanied by symptoms of insomnia, dizziness, and irritability.
        The course of the disease is slow, it does not heal for many years, and easy to recurs.
        It is divided into generalized type and localized type according to its onset location and skin lesions. Localized type, skin lesions are only seen on the neck and other parts, is a few clear-bounded lichen-like hypertrophy patches; generalized type, widely distributed, usually on the head, limbs, shoulders and waist, etc., even throughout the body, skin lesions is same as the localized type.
1. Herbs:
(1) Liver stagnant and transforms fire, skin lesions are red, accompanied by upset and irritability, insomnia and more dreaminess, dizziness, palpitation, mouth bitter and throat dry; sharp red tongue, wiry and rapid pulse.
Treatment: Clearing liver and purging fire.
Prescription: Long Dan Xie Gan Soup
(2) Wid evil and wet evil hide in the skin, and skin lesions are light brown and flaky, rough and thick, and sometimes itching is severe, especially at night; the tongue coating is thin and white or greasy, and the pulse is soggy and moderate.
Treatment: Disperse wind and dampness.
Prescription: Xiao Feng Power
(3) Blood deficiency, wind and dryness, skin lesions are gray, like dead wood when scratched, thick and rough, and like cowhide; accompanied by palpitation, insomnia and forgetfulness, women with irregular menstruation; pale tongue, deep and thready pulse.
Treatment: nourishing blood and dispelling wind and moisturizing.
Prescription: Si Wu Xiao Feng drink or Dang Gui drink
2. Acupuncture:
Acupuncture therapy often uses acupoints Qu Chi and Xue Hai; spare acupoints are He Gu and San Yin Jiao. Medium-strong stimulation, once a day, keep the needle for 15-30 minutes.
Prevention and remedy:
       Do not eat irritating foods such as alcohol, and hot peppers and no smoking. Don't scratch by hand, and hot water washing is prohibited.
       Underwear should wear cotton products, and should not wear hard clothes, so as not to irritate the skin.
       Keep your mood at ease and avoid mental stimulation.


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