Sweaty hands and feet causes and treatment

Sweaty hands and feet causes and treatment
Sweaty hands and feet causes and treatment

Symptom name: Sweaty hands and feet
        Sweaty hand and foot is seen in "Shang Han Ming Li Lun", and it is pointed out that "the stomach governs the limbs and the hands and feet sweat, the syndrome is about Yang Ming meridians." But the sweating of the hands and feet caused by the intestinal dry feces in the fever disease is not the type. The main symptom is not discussed in this section.
Causes and treatment:
1. Spleen and stomach damp-heat:
        Hands and feet sweat, not thinking about food, sleepy, short red urine, yellow and greasy tongue coating, pulse thready,rapid and slippery. The stomach is responsible for receiving, and the spleen is responsible for the movement and transformation, transferring material essence and water and moisture. As fatigue damages the spleen, or dampness invades the spleen and stomach, causing dampness to block the spleen and stomach, depression and heat, damp-heat fumigates, as the body fluid in the stomach reaches the limbs, so the hands and feet sweat.
Treatment: Clearing heat and drying damp.
        It is suitable for Lian Pu drink and Wei Ling soup.
2. Deficiency of spleen and stomach:
        Hands and feet sweat, fatigue, shortness of breath, lazy speech, cold limbs, reduced appetite, loose stool, pale and white tongue coating, weak pulse. Often due to hunger or fullness and fatigue, damage to the spleen and stomach, resulting in loss of function, body fluid is injected on the hands and feet.
Treatment: Nourish the Qi of spleen.
        It is suitable for Shen Ling Bai Zhu powder.
3. Deficiency of Spleen and stomach Yin:
        Hands and feet sweat, dry throat and mouth, obvious after sleep, no appetite although hunger, retching, irregular stool, red tongue with little coating, thready and rapid pulse. It is usually caused by fever disease to injure the Yin, or eat hot and pungent food, accumulate heat to injure Yin, Yin deficiency and heat are internally generated, disturb the Yin fluid, force the body fluid to leak out of the limbs and then the hands and feet sweat.
Treatment: Nourish stomach Yin.
        It is suitable for Sha Shen Mai Dong soup.


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