Plant used to treat jaundice - Fructus Gardeniae

The plant used to treat jaundice

Name of plant: Fructus Gardeniae (Gardenia)
Alias: Yellow Gardenia, Mountain Gardenia
Family: Rubiaceae
Variety Source: This product is the mature fruit of Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides Ellis), an evergreen shrub of Rubiaceae. Harvested in autumn and winter. Used it in raw, fried coke or charcoal.
Growth environment: It is often grown in the warm sparse forests of low mountains or on barren slopes, by the side of ditch, and on the roadside.
Nature and flavor, meridian entry:
Bitter, cold; enter heart, liver, lung, stomach, San Jiao meridian.
Efficacy and Indications:
        To relieve fire and irritability, clear away heat and dampness, cool blood and detoxify, reduce swelling and relieve pain.
        It is bitter and cold, clearing and reducing, clearing the Sanjiao and the heart fire. It is used for febrile disease, evil-heat located in heart, upset, depression, restlessness and other diseases. It is often used in combination with fermented Soybean to vent evil heat, relieve depression and upset, such as Zhi Zi Chi soup. If the fire is flaming, high fever, irritable, delirium, and San jiao is hot, it is often used with Radix Scutellariae, Rhizoma Coptidis (coptis) and Cortex Phellodendri to clear the fire, such as Huang Lian Jie Du soup.
Used for damp heat jaundice. This plant can clear the damp and heat of liver and gallbladder and treat jaundice. Often combined with Herba Artemisiae Scopariae and Radix Et Rhizoma Rhei, such as Yin Chen Hao soup.
        Used for blood-heat, vomiting blood, and bleeding at nose, hematuria. This product has the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood and detoxifying. It is often used with Rhizoma Imperatae (Imperata cylindrica), Radix Rehmanniae and Radix Scutellariae.
        Used for sore, swelling, poison, bruises. It has the effect of cooling blood to detoxify, reducing swelling and relieving pain. It is also used for heat sore, redness, swelling and heat pain, often used with Flos Lonicerae, Fructus Forsythiae, Herba Taraxaci.
Pay attention to taboos:
This product is not suitable for patients with spleen deficiency and loose stools as it is bitter and cold to injure stomach.
        Decoction, 3-10g. Gardenia peel tends to reach the surface and remove the heat from the skin; gardenia seed tends to go inside and clear the heat inside. If raw, used to enter Qi to reduce the fire; if fried black, used to enter blood to stop the bleeding.
Modern Pharmacology:
        This product contains geniposide, deshydroxy geniposide, crocin, crocetin, etc. The peel contains ursolic acid.
        Gardenia decoction and alcohol extract have a bile effect, can promote bile secretion, and can reduce blood bilirubin, and can promote the rapid excretion of blood bilirubin. It has inhibitory effect on hemolytic streptococcus and dermatophytes. It has antipyretic, analgesic, sedative, antihypertensive and hemostatic effects.
        Raw Fructus Gardeniae (Gardenia), Sieve to remove ash, remove impurities, then crush and sieve; or cut off both ends.
        Gardenia seeds: Take the net gardenia, cut it in the middle with scissors, peel off the skin and take the kernel.
        Gardenia skin: the exocarp peeled off from the raw gardenia.
        Fired gardenia: Take the crushed gardenia, fired in a pot over a slow fire until golden brown, take it out and let it cool.
        Scorched gardenia: Take the crushed gardenia, fired in a pot with big fire until scorched, take it out and let cool.
        Gardenia charcoal: Take the crushed gardenia and fired in a pot with big fire until dark brown, but the nature must be retained, take them out and let cool. .
Storage: Store in a ventilated and dry place.