Why do I have multiple dreams every night

Why do I have multiple dreams every night
Why do I have multiple dreams every night

        Some ones always have multiple dreams every night, and they often ask, 'why do I have it?', then let's see the symptoms and how TCM to consider the causes and treatment.
        Multiple dreams refers to the symptoms of dreamy and confusing in sleep, which can be shocking, and dizziness during the day. Some times may have dreams, and those who wake up without discomfort, don't mind it, they are beyond the scope of this section.
Causes and treatment:
1. Deficiency of heart and spleen:
Main symptoms:
        Insomnia and multiple dreams, pale complexion, palpitations, forgetfulness, reduced appetite, abdominal distension, loose stools, lack of Qi and laziness, fatigue and weakness, pale tongue, soggy and thready pulse. It is often due to loss of spleen health, no source of producing and transforming, deficiency of Qi and blood, and loss of mind, so insomnia and multiple dreams.
        It should be to strengthen the spleen and nourish the heart. And it is suitable for Gui Pi Soup.
2 Heart and kidney unconnected:
Main symptoms:
        Irritability and insomnia, multiple dreams, annoyance and palpitations, backaches and knees soft, heat and sweating while sleeping, red tongue without coating, pulse thready and rapid. It is often caused by the heart and the kidneys hurted as strain, so that the heart's fire can not be delivered to the kidney, and the kidney water can not be used to help the heart.
        It should be to nourish Yin and lower fire, to connect the heart and kidney.
        It is suitable for Huang Lian E Jiao Soup.
3. Deficiency of heart Qi and gallbladder Qi:
Main symptoms:
        Nightmares and horror, easy to wake up, trance, emotional restlessness, frightening, palpitations, pale tongue, weak and thready pulse. It is usually the body is weak, cowardly, or be frightened, emotionally tense, damaging the heart and gallbladder, lead to emotional restlessness and multiple dreams.
       It should be to replenish Qi and eliminate panic, calm mood.
        It is suitable for An Shen Ding Zhi Pill and Suan Zao Ren Soup.
4. Internal disturbance of phlegm and fire:
Main symptoms:
        Multiple dreams and disturbance, dizziness, palpitation, irritability, phlegm, chest tightness, red tongue, yellow greasy tongue coating, slippery and rapid pulse. It is full syndrome, often due to depression and irritation, liver failed catharsis, Qi depression and transforming fire, burning body fluid, condensed into phlegm, phlegm fire disturbs the mind, so multiple dreams.
        It should be to clear heat and eliminate phlegm.
        Huang Liang Wen Dan Soup is used as a prescription.

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