Herb to cure blood in urine - Herba Lophatheri

The herb to cure blood in urine

Name of Herb:
        Herba Lophatheri
Variety source:
        This product is the leaf of Lophatherum gracile Brongn. Harvested in autumn, sun-dried, cut into sections for raw use. The bamboo leaves or pale bamboo leaves used in the prescription before are not this product, but are derived from the leaves of the bamboo or bitter bamboo which are same family to it. Bamboo leaves are good at clearing the heart and eliminating irritation, yet this product is good at clearing heat and diuresis.
Growth environment:
        Wild Lophatherum gracile Brongn grows under the forest on the hillside or in the damp and wet places by the side of the ditch.
Nature and flavor, meridian entry:
        Sweet, tasteless and cold. Enter heart, stomach, small intestine meridian.
Efficacy and Indications:
        To clear heat and irritation, diuresis.
         the herb is used for fever and irritating. It is sweet and cold, has the function of clearing the heart and venting heat, eliminating irritation and quench thirst. The herb is used for fever disease and loss of body fluid, irritating and thirst. Often used with Gypsum Fibrosum and Rhizoma Phragmitis. Used for aphthous ulcer, blood in urine, edema, oliguria, jaundice.
        This herb is sweet and cold, has a function of clearing the heart and reducing fire, remove dampness and diuresis. Used for flaming heart, mouth and tongue sores, heat transfer in the small intestine. Often used with Medulla Junci, talcum, and Rhizoma Imperatae. This product is good at exuding dampness and releasing heat. It can be used with Fructus arctii, Rhizoma Alismatis, and Herba Leonuri to cure edema and oliguria. With Herba Artemisiae Scopariae,Radix astragali,Fructus Gardeniae to cure jaundice and blood in urine.
Pay attention to taboos:
        Those who have no real fire or damp heat should take it with caution, those whose body are weak and cold should not take it
        Pregnant women should not take it.
        Decoction, 10-15g.
Modern Pharmacology:
        This product contains triterpene compounds. It has antipyretic effect on animals with artificial fever; its diuretic effect is weak, but it can increase the excretion of chloride in urine; it still has the effect of increasing blood sugar.
        Pick up impurities and roots, cut into sections, and dry.
        Store in a dry place.