The early symptoms of cataracts

The early symptoms of cataracts
The early symptoms of cataracts

        It can be said that if not paying attention, the patient can only spend the second half of his life in the dark.
        So, when you have the following early symptoms of cataracts, be careful that cataracts come to you!
1. The symptoms of presbyopia are relieved
        Some patients suffer from presbyopia and can only see far things, but not close things clearly. For example, some elderly people usually need to wear reading glasses to read books and newspapers. But suddenly, they realized that I didn't need to wear reading glasses to read. Some elderly people were very happy. In fact, this was not a good sign.
        When suffering from cataract, the symptoms of presbyopia are often improved. This phenomenon is not a good thing. It is caused by the increased degree of lens distortion and changes in refractive near point. It is one of the first signs of cataracts. You must pay attention to it.
2. Abnormal color vision
        This symptom is one of the main symptoms of the disease. It is mainly due to the swelling of the lens when it absorbs some water. When light passes through it, it will refraction, so there will be a kind of colorful halo, commonly known as rainbow vision.
3. Blurred vision
        If the patient's own vision is good, but his vision is suddenly blurred, especially in the case of bright light, but the patient does find that the light is insufficient and seeing things dimly, then in this case it is necessary to doubt whether it is a cataract.
4. day blindness or night blindness
        The early symptoms of this disease are day blindness or night blindness. If the opacity of the lens first starts in the center, the light intensity during the day is strong, and when the pupils contract, the light entering the eyes will be blocked, resulting in day blindness.
        If there is turbidity around the lens, the dark light at night entering the equatorial retina is blocked, and the rod-shaped vision cells of the equatorial retina are born for night, so it will cause night blindness.
5. Shadows in front of you
        This is an early symptom of this disease. Part of the lens opacity is located in the pupil area. In the front of the eye, there will be dots or flake shadows with fixed positions and unchanged shapes. The shadow of the person is movable. It is different to eye floaters, Although the range of movement is small, the eye floaters is sometimes hidden and its shape is changeable.
        Cataracts surgery is no longer the previous concept. Only when the cataract is mature and completely invisible, surgery can be performed. Now the minimally invasive surgery has less complications, is safe and fast. Generally, the surgery can be completed in 10-15 minutes, and the response is light and the vision is restored. Also very fast.
        Therefore, we must hurry up and do not need to wait until the cataract is mature before performing the surgery.


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