What causes swollen feet in elderly

What causes swollen feet in elderly
What causes swollen feet in elderly

        In life, swollen feet caused in many elderly people. In fact, there are many causes, and they are even related to diseases.
        According to the perspective of modern medicine, there are several possible causes.
        First, cardiogenic edema, considering the heart diseases, is caused by the decrease of the circulatory exchange between the tissues, which leads to the decrease of the return of the cell tissue fluid. At this time, you should rest more and lie down to speed up the blood circulation.
        Second, at this time, you should observe whether there is edema in other parts of the elderly. If there is eyelid edema, or nephrogenic edema caused by high blood pressure. If there is any problem, check the urinary system as soon as possible, focusing on the kidney function.
        Third, if the whole body is swollen, it should be distinguished from dystrophic edema, whether there are other dysfunctions
        According to traditional Chinese medicine, the causes of swollen feet in elderly as following
        The regulation of human body water metabolism is completed by the spleen, lungs, kidneys, intestines, bladder and other internal organs.
        First, the kidney governs water, piss and faeces. Many reasons are insufficient Yang Qi in the elderly, reduced gasified function in the body, excess water that cannot be gasified normally, and decreased ability to excrete through sweat or bladder urine. Therefore, it can be caused in the elderly.
        Moxibustion treatment:
        Moxibustion on the acupoints of Shen Shu, Ming Men, Qi Hai, Guan Yuan, Da Zhui, Zhi Yang, and Yang Guan, it can enhance the Yang Qi and enhance the circulatory function Qi in their body.
        Second, the spleen controls the limbs and transports. After the digestive ability of the elderly is reduced, or they may have cold body or have taken antibiotics and other cold substances for a long time, the function of the spleen and stomach elevating and lowering Qi will be reduced, and the water and liquid will not be available to effectively transport, and then enter the blood, causing edema.
        Moxibustion treatment:
        Moxibustion on Zu San Li, San Yin Jiao, Di Ji, Pi Shu, Wei Shu and other acupoints, make spleen and stomach stronger.
        Third, the lungs are used to regulate waterways, manage pores. The role of the lungs is to discharge excess waste water from the body through sweat through the management of sweat pores, while the bladder discharges urine produced by the kidneys. The fluid is discharged out of the body through pressure. The elderly have insufficient Yang Qi, lung weakness, reduced gasification function of bladder, sweat and urine cannot be discharged normally, and may also lead to possible edema.
        Moxibustion treatment:
        Moxibustion on Zhong Ji, Qi Hai, Guan Yuan, then promote the gasified function of the bladder, and can increase the pressure of the bladder sphincter and increase the urination.
Other method:
        Intermittent foot bath
        Use mugwort leaves, dried ginger, rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, and safflower powder to soak the feet regularly. Slight sweating is the main level to stop. The time should not exceed 10 minutes. Before soaking your feet, add more water to avoid excessive dryness destroyed Yin.



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