Genital warts symptoms and hpv transmission

Genital warts symptoms and hpv transmission
Genital warts symptoms and hpv transmission

Genital wats symptoms:
        1. Genital warts in the early stage, there will be cone-shaped small meat particles and small papules, which usually occur in the external genitalia and perianal. Most of them are pink and cauliflower-like. The surface is very brittle, which is easy to remove by hand and also easy to bleed and infection.  
        2. Genital warts with obvious symptoms: rice-grain-sized warts appear on the surface of the skin, which will grow over time, reaching more than 10 cm in diameter, and grow rapidly, and some will be the size of cauliflower.
3. In the early stage, if the symptoms of genital warts are not obvious, there will be early symptoms of genital warts:   
        (1) Genital warts is one of the products of modern venereal diseases, and its occurrence is related to the increasing material demand of people nowadays. The most common damage site is the reproductive organs. The key to the treatment of genital warts is to prevent recurrence. This requires continuous treatment and scientific preventive measures. Combination of prevention and treatment can prevent the deterioration of the disease.  
        (2) There is no obvious manifestation of early genital warts. This is because of the incubation period of the disease, which is the virus breeding period. After the incubation period, it is mainly seen in the membrane parts of the reproductive organs in the early stage, and they are mostly pink or gray-white small papules with different shapes. The surface of some warts is granular or lobulated with a little secretion.  
        (3) Due to the different reproductive structure of the human body, there are also certain differences in the incidence of men and women. Papules of different sizes are the main symptoms, with no conscious manifestations or only slight itching discomfort. Males are more common in the coronal sulcus, penis neck, glans, and inner foreskin; in women, they are more common in the inner labia minora, hymen sulcus, crypts on both sides of the urethral opening, posterior union of the labia, and labia majora. It can also be found in the urethral orifice, vulva, perianal of men and women, as well as the clitoris, vagina, and cervix of women.
Hpv transmission:
        1. Smog infection:
        Some studies have found that human papillomavirus is present in the smoke produced when laser treatment of genital warts, which suggests that the smoke containing genital warts virus may become a genital warts virus and cause the infection of genital warts.
        2. Mother-to-child transmission:
        Pregnant women with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, especially pregnant women with unobvious clinical symptoms and viral infections in the cervix, will have the virus in the reproductive tract. During delivery, the fetus will pass through the birth canal, leading to viral infection of the newborn. Causing human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in infants and young children.
        3. Indirect transmission:
        Some human papillomavirus (HPV) infection patients are infected with human papillomavirus through indirect means, and the most common ones are daily necessities such as underwear, bath towels, bathtubs, etc. Therefore, people who go out and tourists should pay great attention to this approach.
        4. Infection by autologous vaccination:
        Clinically, it is found that patients with external genitals or anal genital warts, because their hands often contact genital warts and then spread to the skin and mucous membranes of other parts of the body through hands, causing genital warts. Observation further confirmed that genital warts can be self-infected through contact between hands and genitals.
        5. Direct sexual contact:
        When have sexual contact with patients with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, the wart body that grows on the external genitalia is exogenously convex and has a relatively fragile texture, so the surface is easily scratched, and the virus in the wart body and epidermal tissue follows Shedding and inoculating to the partner's genitals causes human papillomavirus infection and disease.

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