Toothache remedy by traditional Chinese medicine

Toothache remedy by traditional Chinese medicine
Toothache remedy by traditional Chinese medicine

        Most of us have experienced toothache in our lives. How does it feel? Is it like this:
        When you are in a pleasant night, you are ready to fall asleep after normal washing, but you just lie down and find a bit of toothache. Slowly and slowly, the pain gradually worsens. In the dead of night, the toothache makes you toss and turn, you only can get up and walk back and forth in the room and feel your toothache. Maybe the pain is not a constant pain, but a "rhythmic" pain. Each severe pain lasts for about 5 seconds. Before and after, it is slight pain, the intensity of the pain seems to be fluctuating along with the fluctuation of the pulse, and the pain is constantly changing between severe and mild. But for a person who rarely has a toothache, there is no other way, but to drink water. At this moment, do you feel that "the night is long"?
        Finally, after the long night, you immediately rushed to the pharmacy to buy medicine the next day. Thinking that the problem shouldn't be big, you simply bought some medicine. After taking the medicine twice, your teeth no longer hurt. You thought it was going to be better, but you never expected that when you was about to get off work in the afternoon, the pain would get worse. There were still a few tasks left unfinished. The toothache made you unable to concentrate, and the mood began to be affected by the emotion of the toothache. The whole person began to become irritable, and the mood was in a vicious circle of "impatient-toothache-more irritable". At this moment, the communication with colleagues became impatient, the voice became louder, and the pitch became higher. Colleagues are all wondering what's wrong with you, and even you are doubting your own life.
        After most people have a toothache, the first thing they think of is to go to the hospital dentistry or dental clinic for treatment. As a specialized remedy, this is understandable in itself. However, many dental diseases are not completed in one treatment, and often require multiple treatments. Even the pain itself can take several days or even longer to relieve. So, is there no other way besides waiting? The answer is no. In addition to dentistry that can treat toothaches, traditional Chinese medicine also has unique methods to remedy toothaches!
        Toothache is a common clinical symptom, usually caused by local diseases of the teeth or periodontal. However, TCM starts from the overall concept and focuses on syndrome differentiation and remedy. It is not limited to the part of the oral cavity, but also emphasizes the relationship between the part and the whole. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that toothache is mostly related to visceral dysfunction or external evil invasion. According to the theories such as "fire up", "foot Yangming stomach meridian travels into the teeth", "kidney governs the bones, and teeth are the rest of the bones" and other theories, remedy Syndrome differentiation or local analgesia can often remedy the symptoms and root causes at the same time and achieve better results.
        1. Toothache with cavities
        The dialectic of this kind of toothache is relatively simple and easy to diagnose. For example, dental caries can be seen on examination, the tooth surface is rough and black, and there are cavities. Caries are painful if they are stimulated. In severe cases, the toothache will stop at times, and it will be aggravated by cold and hot, sour and sweet, and the pain will be unbearable. "This kind of pain must be treated externally. If internal medicine is used, it may not kill the insects, and the internal organs will be injured first."
        It is recommended to use Wu Ling Zhi Sheng power from "Bian Zheng Lu": Trogopterus Dung 10g, Radix Cynanchi Atrati 10g, Herba Asari 2g, Rhizoma Drynariae 2g, each of which is finely ground.
        First rinse your teeth with warm water until it is clean, then use an appropriate amount of Wu Ling Zhi Sheng power, add boiling water to make a thin paste, gargle the teeth, hold for as long as possible and then spit out. If it is three times, the pain will stop and the worm will die, no longer reoccur.
        2. Virtual fire toothache
        Deficiency of fire here mostly refers to the inflammation caused by deficiency of kidney yin. The main symptoms are: faint toothache, severe in the afternoon and night, less red and swollen gums, loose teeth, weak and painful bite, or bleeding. The characteristics of this kind of toothache are obvious, mainly because the pain is particularly severe at night, and it has obvious time characteristics.
        The method of remedy is lead the fire to the root, which is often referred to in Chinese medicine. You can use the Zhi Huo soup in "Bian Zheng Lu": 30g of Radix Rehmanniae Preparata, 15g of Radix Rehmanniae, 15g of Radix Scrophulariae, 3g of Cortex Cinnamomi, 5g of Rhizoma Drynariae, 5g of Semen Plantaginis, boiled in water and drink.
        3. Real fire toothache
        It is caused by steaming of fire in the stomach and intestines, invasion of wind and fire evil poison, dental caries, tooth damage, evil gathering, stagnation of blood, blood stasis, and damage to the teeth and gums. People with real-fire toothache are mostly Yang stronger physique. If the remedy is not thorough, they are often prone to recurrent attacks. Real fire toothache pain is more intense, dare not eat hot food, gums are red and swollen, and the pulse is stronger and faster than usual. For people who are not professionals in traditional Chinese medicine, it may be difficult to distinguish the actual fire of each viscera. Is there a relatively simple remedy method based on syndrome differentiation?
        It is recommended to use the "Zhi Ya Xian Dan" in "Bian Zheng Lu": 15g of Radix Scrophulariae, 15g of Radix Rehmanniae, boiled in water. This prescription is relatively simple, but very effective.
        If accompanied by upset and insomnia, irritability, you can add Rhizoma Coptidis 5g;
        If you have toothache, traction, headache, or severe pain every time you encounter mood swings, and the whole body can have symptoms such as red eyes and ears, tinnitus, you can add 10g of fired Fructus Gardeniae;
        If the gums are bleeding, or the gums are swollen and ulcerated, the breath is hot and smelly, and you are thirsty, add 15g of Gypsum Fibrosum;
        If the lips are dry, add 10g of Rhizoma Anemarrhenae;
        If the throat is dry and sore, add 9g of Radix Scutellariae;
        If it is painful teeth grinding (commonly known as big teeth), you can add 20g of Radix Rehmanniae Preparata.
        4. Chronic toothache
        Some people have a toothache for a long time without going to the doctor in time. They think that "the toothache is not a disease", and think that it will pass after a forbearance. Unexpectedly, the pain is getting more and more painful, and even the upper and lower gums are severely swollen and painful.
        At this time, the strength of "Zhi Ya Xian Dan" alone is not enough. It should be strengthened, and the Zhu Ye Shi Gao soup of "Shang Han Lun" should be used: Gypsum Fibrosum 15g, Rhizoma Anemarrhenae 6g, Rhizoma Pinelliae 6g, Poria 10g, Radix Ophiopogonis 10g, leaf of Henon Bamboo 15g, Radix Puerariae 10g, Herba Artemisiae Annuae 15g, boiled in water. After taking three or four doses in a row to reduce the fire and swelling, then use Chen Shiduo's "Differentiation Records" of the Qing Dynasty to continue to consolidate the remedy.
        Of course, the above mentioned are some Chinese medicine treatments for toothache. In daily life, it is also necessary to pay attention to the daily health care of teeth. It is also very important to avoid the occurrence of dental diseases. The knowledge about daily dental health care should be said to be very popular and easy to obtain.
        Here, I recommend a Chinese medicine method of dental health care.
        "Tooth tap" is the oral health care method of Chinese medicine. Frequent tapping of the teeth can strengthen the kidneys and consolidate essence, balance yin and yang, dredge qi and blood, and unblock the meridians, thereby enhancing the health of the body. Percussion can promote the blood circulation of periodontal tissues, excite dental nerves and pulp cells, enhance the disease resistance and regeneration ability of periodontal tissues, and make teeth hard and stable, neat and white.
        The method of tapping: relax the mind, close the lips slightly, and unite the mind and mind. The upper and lower molars tap each other 36 times, the upper and lower incisors tap each other 36 times, alternating light and heavy, with a consistent rhythm.          Once a day in the morning and evening. Do not use too much force to prevent tongue biting. It should be noted that if the teeth are severely loosened and the occlusion is disordered, the percussion will often cause trauma to the periodontal tissue. Such people are not suitable for percussion health care.
        After tapping, use your tongue to stir in the cavity, first up and down, inside and outside, stirring several times to massage the gums to accelerate the blood supply of the gums, and then gather saliva and swallow them in batches.
        Saliva can maintain the cleanliness of the mouth, help soak and soften food to facilitate swallowing, and it contains amylase, which has a digestive effect on food. Saliva contains immunoglobulins, amino acids, various enzymes and vitamins. These substances can participate in the body's metabolism and growth and development, and enhance immune function. In Chinese medicine, saliva is called "Jinjinyuye", which is the material basis of life just like essence and blood. "Health Prescription" says: "Knock your teeth a hundred times, swallow three times, and do it consistently. It doesn't hurt to use the teeth, and the hair doesn't turn white."
        Finally, I wish you good teeth, good appetite, and good food!


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