Dry eyes treatment by foods

Dry eyes treatment by foods
Dry eyes treatment by foods

        Dry eyes, the category of traditional Chinese medicine belongs to "Bai Se", which is a chronic eye disease in which the red and swollen eyes are not obvious, but the eyes are dry and uncomfortable. "The liver opens to the eyes," and "the liver stores blood" through the meridians of the liver, puts blood and Yin and fluid on the eyes to nourish them. If there is insufficient liver Yin and blood, naturally the eyes will not be nourished, and you will feel dryness and fatigue. However, in the concept of Chinese medicine, the eyes are not only closely related to the liver, but also related to other viscera and the Qi, blood, and body fluid.
        Yin deficiency and body loss
        There are main causes as the following:
        Red eyes (commonly known as "Pinkeye") are not treated thoroughly, the residual heat is not clear, and hidden in the collaterals of the lungs and spleen.
        Insufficient lung Yin, loss of eye moisture
        Irregular diet, or addiction to tobacco and alcohol, and preference for spicy food, resulting in accumulation of dampness and heat in the spleen and stomach, lack of refreshment, and loss of eye.
        Loss of liver and kidney, insufficient Yin and blood, loss of nourishment for eyes (nervous stress, staying up late, lack of sleep)
Dry eyes symptoms of TCM Dialectics:
        According to the local and general conditions
        Evil-heat stay or damp heat in the spleen and stomach, the eyes are astringent and painful, the white eyes are reddish, and there are a little squint, it is a true heat
        Insufficient lung Yin, dry eyes and photophobia, use eyes for a long time and fatigue, dry throat and tongue
        When the lungs are weak, the eyes are dry, the eyesight is tired, and the body is weak and tired.
        When kidney Yin deficiency, dry eyes, photophobia, lack of tears, lack of clear vision, sore waist and knees, dizziness and tinnitus
Dry eyes treatment by foods:
        1. Sesame and Fructus Lycii porridge
        Ingredients: 30 grams of Fructus Lycii, 60 grams of rice, 30 grams of black sesame
        Method: first cook the rice half-cooked, then add Fructus Lycii and black sesame seeds, cook and eat
        Efficacy: It is good at invigorating the kidney, nourishing the kidneys and liver, moisturizing the five internal organs, improving eyesight and improving the mind. It is suitable for people with kidney deficiency such as frequent dizziness, dry eyes, tinnitus, weak waist and knees, and early white hair. In addition, adding three red dates to the porridge can enhance the effect of nourishing liver and blood and improving eyesight and resuscitation.
        2. Ginseng, Fructus Lycii and chrysanthemum drink
        Ingredients: 20 grams of Fructus Lycii, 6 grams of American ginseng slices, 6 grams of chrysanthemum, 6 grams of rock sugar
        Method: Put the above ingredients into a teacup, pour it into boiling water, and soak for about ten minutes before drinking. 3 times a week is advisable
        Efficacy: Suitable for all kinds of eyesight fatigue, red eyes and pain
        3. Sun Moon Fish Soup
        Ingredients: 100g of sun and moon fish, 100g of Concha Haliotidis, 9g of Nux Prinsepiae, 15g of Fructus Lycii, 15g of Herba Equiseti Hiemalis, 15g of Semen Astragali Complanati, half a dried tangerine peel, 3 candied dates, half a catty of lean meat
        Method: Wash the outside and inside of the shell of Concha Haliotidis first. If it was not convenient, you can use half a catty of fresh abalone instead of Concha Haliotidis with fresher taste, higher nutritional value and better eyesight improvement. Then, put it in a pot with other ingredients, boil it over a fire and then cook it over a slow fire for about 3 hours, seasoning and edible. (Serving for 4 people)
        Efficacy: Suitable for urbanites who are busy at work and consume their eyes.
Prevent dry eyes:
        Normal life style, adequate sleep, not staying up late
        Eat a balanced diet without a partial eclipse; eat more vegetables and fruits, and less fried foods
        Let the eyes rest adequately, avoid prolonged use of the eyes, excessive fatigue, and pay attention to the number of blinks
        Pay attention to the cleansing of eyelids and eyelashes when washing your face. Using a hot towel to compress can reduce fatigue and increase tear secretion
        Do not wear contact lenses for too long, or remove them if you feel uncomfortable
        If you have any eye discomfort, please consult an ophthalmologist for treatment; do not buy a medicine for long-term use


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