Depression treatment by traditional Chinese medicine

Depression treatment by traditional Chinese medicine
Depression treatment by traditional Chinese medicine

        Have you ever been depressed? Is a child who take medicine often, and didn't want to do anything, and didn't want to help when the cup was overturned. But life is always ups and downs. If you don't give up when you are desperate, despair will become hope. Today, I will share with you the experience and prescription of a senior Chinese physician in treating depression. I hope that people who have suffered from depression will get a new life as soon as possible.
        1. Analysis of the causes of depression
        First, stay alone and communicate less, Yang Qi is easily damaged.
        People live in groups and tend to be full of vitality. If they are alone for a long time, their popularity will become weak and evil tends to spread. Therefore, there is an old saYing: If there are few people, you shouldn't live in big houses. Being in a big house without popularity can easily hurt Yang Qi for a long time. The primordial spirit of the human body is Yang. With less Yang and more Yin, the primordial spirit cannot resist evil, and the primordial spirit is easy to hurt. As a result, a lot of ghosts and phantoms have appeared, and it's more of a matter of course. It's no surprise that depression lives.
        Second, the key to depression is the inability to stretch the Yang Qi.
        The so-called Yang Qi cannot extend, that is, Yin is heavy but Yang is weak, and Yang cannot come from Yin. As a result, the symptoms of depression and dysphoria appear. The key is not the foot of Yang Qi, but the poor operation of Yang Qi. Excessive consumption of milk and cheese can easily cause the body to be wet and sticky, and it is easy to gel and stagnate Yang Qi, causing Yang Qi uncomfortable.
        Third, the use of modern drugs have affected the operation of Yang Qi
        The application of modern drugs is often based on the process of suppressing signs of life. Although it has a certain curative effect, it ultimately affects the natural development and change of Yang Qi, the most essential factor in life. It is no wonder that the Yang Qi does not extend due to this.
        Fourth, the pressure of modern life has increased dramatically.
        The current pace of world change is accelerating, and the popularization of computers and automobiles and the increase in information exchanges have greatly affected people's living rules and habits. The acceleration of social operations will inevitably lead to increased pressure, nervousness, and irritation.
        According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, if the wood Qi is too vigorous, then the flame will rise. For a long time, it will greatly damage the Yang Qi of the human body. The role of Yang Qi is to maintain the functional state of each viscera, thereby promoting the development of life. Everyone's Yang Qi energy is limited, but people don't know how to save this limited energy, but consume it wantonly. This will lead to a situation where the Yang Qi is deficiencies at the bottom, and the imaginary fire is overpowering. On the surface, the signs of life are very brilliant. People can still work hard and live freely, but you don't know that if there is Yang deficiency, the serious illness will not be far away. Moreover, since the Yang is already empty, there is no power to get out of it.
        Fifth, if wood Qi is dysfunctional, the liver and gallbladder cannot coordinate the mind.
        At present, people are more accustomed to going to bed late and getting up late, rather than working at sunrise and resting at sunset. 11 pm to 3 am is the phase of liver and gallbladder. If people go to sleep at this time, the liver and gallbladder can rest naturally. Liver and gallbladder are dominated by wood Qi. If the wood is nourished, it can grow and collect. The so-called wood, is the rising state of Yang Qi.
        The ancients used the five elements to describe the internal organs of the human body. In fact, they were looking for a real thing to compare the different states of Yang Qi. Therefore, since Yang Qi cannot rise naturally, that is to say, spring is not spring, how can summer strong, autumn harvest and winter storage? This cycle is as small as one day, as large as one month, one year, and as large as sixty years. For those who are depressed, the Yang Qi in spring does not extend, or the Yang does not rise in the morning.
        2. Treating depression from the strengthening of Yang Qi.
        From this, we know that the treatment of depression should be based on the following.
        First, to support Yang Qi, the soul can be nourished
        The method is to replenish Shao Yin, and Shao Yin is the heart and kidney. The kidney is the house of true Yang, water and fire, and the fire is sent to it; the heart is the place of fire, and the soul is sent in it. If the heart and kidney Yang are sufficient, the fire can restrict the overall situation without the disadvantages of depression.
        Second, to extend the Yang Qi, the primordial spirit can come from the Yin.
        The sun rises in spring, grows in summer, harvests in autumn, and hides in winter. Therefore, cultivating spring Qi means extending Yang Qi. Its cure lies in the meridian of liver, gallbladder. Extending Yang Qi requires nourish Qi of ShaoYang, the Spring Rising Qi. Sleep at the right time and nourish the liver with acrid (Liver like scatter, instant use acrid to disperse it, and acrid to replenish it).
        Third, reduce depression fire
        When the Yang Qi is nourished, it is prosperous, and if it is stretched, it can be out of the body. Therefore, if the fire of depression is lowered, the road to rising of the Yang Qi can be smooth, and the evil of depression can be eliminated. There are also all the methods of clearing Yang Ming.
        If the above methods can be integrated, then depression can only be cured.
        Just be careful not to use modern drugs as much as possible, or not to use much, if you can reduce it, you should reduce it. The effect of modern drugs is to adjust the Yin and Yang to a low-level balance, and to obtain temporary stability at the cost of inhibiting the exuberance of life. It has the taste of splinting to cure humpback.
        This is how to treat depression from Yang Qi. That is to say, as for other diseases, which are mostly related to the left or right of Yang Qi, the therapy can still be performed according to the law, and the rationale is the same.
        3. Commonly used prescriptions for the treatment of depression
        This traditional Chinese medicine doctor treats more than 100 cases of depression, basically Si Ni soup, adding Prepared Common Monkshood Daughter Root daily, to a certain extent, when you have a stinky sweat, you will laugh and talk. This is very strange, and most of the people who get the disease are college students. The family is more difficult and the environment is more stressful.


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