What are floaters in the eye

What is an eye floater

        Do you have eye floaters? And what are floaters in the eye?
        The official name of eye floaters is "turbid vitreous" or "vitreous floats", and you see black dots flying in front of you, just like the name given to mosquitoes. In addition, there is a beautiful name, "Cloud and Mist Covering Eyes", which is the conscious that there are misty black shadows flying and drifting in front of you, sometimes dim and sometimes clear. But whether there are black spots or shadows in front of you, beware of eye floaters.
        Eye floaters are generally more common in middle-aged and elderly people over 40, or young people with myopia, especially those with high myopia, and some patients after cataract surgery. Most eye floaters are natural manifestations of eye aging and are classified as common senile diseases. However, there are also many young people who stare at mobile phones and computers for a long time, leading to excessive eye use, high myopia, etc., and the vitreous body becomes liquefied and turbid, and they often feel dark shadows and blurred vision in front of them, and they are prematurely infected with senile disease. These conditions have undergone careful eye examination. If no significant organic disease related to them is found, then this type of eye floaters is physiological and generally does not require treatment.
        Physiological eye floaters are "good mosquitoes", as long as they maintain adequate rest and pay attention to eye hygiene, most of them can heal by themselves. However, there are still some "bad mosquitoes" that are difficult to heal on their own. They are pathological eye floaters and are the second blinding eye disease after cataracts.
        There are three characteristics in judging whether eye floaters are pathological:
        1. Are there any abnormal flashes in the eyes?
        2. Whether the number of flying mosquitoes is increasing in a short period of time.
        3. Whether the line of sight is blocked.
        When the above situation occurs, you must go to the hospital and treat eye floaters in time, because pathological eye floaters are often accompanied by serious eye diseases, such as vitreous hemorrhage, retinal tears, and even retinal detachment. If you do not pay attention to it, treat the cause of the disease. Cause blindness. In addition, patients with high myopia above 600 degrees should be alert to eye floaters. The eyeballs of patients with high myopia are elongated and deformed, and the sudden appearance of "flying mosquitoes" is likely to be pathological.
        Suffering from eye floaters not only affects the normal vision of the eyes, but also makes people feel anxious, irritable and other bad emotions over time, which will have a lingering impact on the life of the patient. The "little flying insects" in the eyes are often accompanied by left and right sides. , Some patients even suffer from depression because of the perennial affliction of eye floaters. So how can we prevent eye floaters?
        First of all, we must pay attention to daily life and eye habits. Ensure adequate sleep and try not to stay up late; be careful not to overuse your eyes to prevent myopia, and avoid staring at your mobile phone or computer for a long time; when using electronic products, keep a distance of 40-60 cm; keep using your eyes carry out eye massage to relieve visual fatigue; choose eye drops, beauty contacts, etc. carefully, and try to avoid irritating ingredients from entering the eyes.
        Second, properly supplement the nutrients needed by the eyes. Eat a balanced diet, eat more seafood rich in trace elements such as iodine, zinc, selenium, and vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A; drink plenty of water to reduce eye dryness. In addition, maintain a good mood and strengthen exercise (avoid strenuous exercise for highly myopic people).
        Although physiological eye floaters do not endanger the light, the visual disturbance it produces also brings a lot of inconveniences in life and work. Pathological eye floaters are serious eye diseases. You must go to the hospital to see a specialist, and if necessary, perform relevant surgical treatment to prevent blindness. The eyes are the windows of the soul, don't let the windows be covered with dust. Protect our eyes from daily life, take precautions before they happen, relieve eye pressure, and prevent our eyes from "dancing with mosquitoes."