How to treat athlete's foot by traditional Chinese medicine

How to treat athlete's foot by traditional Chinese medicine
How to treat athlete's foot by traditional Chinese medicine

        Athlete's foot is an extremely embarrassing thing. How to treat athlete's foot? There are many ways to treat athlete's foot in traditional Chinese medicine, and there are some small fomulas that can also treat athlete's foot. Here, let's take a look at the specific methods to get rid of athlete's foot.
What is athlete's foot?
        The disease is caused by dermatophytes (fungus or mold). Sweaty and wet feet or unventilated footwear can induce this disease. Dermatophytes are often transmitted through contaminated bathhouses, swimming pool floors, bath towels, communal slippers, and footbaths. Some people confuse "athlete's foot" with "beriberi", which is wrong. Medical "beriberi" is a systemic disease caused by vitamin B deficiency, but "athlete's foot" is a common skin disease caused by fungal (also known as toxin) infection.
TCM classification is effective in treating athlete's foot
        Dry athlete's foot
        Dry athlete's foot refers to those who do not swell the feet and knees of athlete's foot. The factors are due to body Yin deficiency and internal heat, damp heat, wind and toxins, which are caused by heat, injury to blood, muscles and veins. No swelling and skinny day by day, reduced diet, hot urine, red tongue, pulse wiry and rapid and so on.
        Treatment: The treatment should be clear heat, with Cang Bai powder addition or Sheng Gan Di Huang pills or other prescriptions.
        Wet athlete's foot
        Wet athlete's foot is one type of athlete's foot, which refers to athlete's foot in which the knees and feet are swollen. The evil of moisture effected underneath, and the meridians cannot be communicated to cause disease. The symptoms are swollen, numb and heavy feet and shin, weak legs and knees, difficulty in urination, slow pulse, white and greasy tongue coating; or sore on the front of the calf shin.
        Normal treating method: The method of treating dampness is main, using Ji Ming powder to add or subtract, or use Chu Shi soup, Bin Lang powder, and Er Miao pills to add or subtract. Those who suffer from heat and dampness have symptoms of thirst, red urine, yellow and greasy Tongue coating, it is suitable for Fang Ji drink to add or subtract.
Treatment of different wet athlete's foot
        Wet athlete's foot should be treated by clearing heat and removing dampness, warming Yang and dispelling cold, detoxification and insecticide, relieving itching and pain. There are three common syndromes: damp-heat athlete's foot, cold-damp athlete's foot, congestion and cold toxin athlete's foot.
        1. Congestion and cold toxin syndrome: the main symptoms include wet erosion between the toes or the bottom of the foot, itching, pain, or with pus and blood, the toes are dark purple, or itching, or ulceration, or even toes swelling, and the tongue is dark. The tongue coating is thin and the pulse is Deep. The pathological mechanism of the disease is the internal resistance of congestion, the congestion and cold toxin are combined and immersed, and it becomes a pathological syndrome of congestion and cold toxin. Its treatment is to promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, dispel cold and detoxify. Can choose Gui Ling Wu Tou soup, this prescription can be used both internally and externally.
        2. Cold-damp athlete's foot syndrome: the main symptoms include wet erosion, itching between the toes or bottom of the foot, or soaking in yellow water, or numbness and cold pain, or ulceration and molting, cold hands and feet, even toes swelling, pale tongue, white coating, and pulse Shen. The pathological syndrome is cold and damp immersion, which rages on the skin and health, causing the skin to be neither honored by qi and blood but also raged by cold and dampness, which turns into a pathological syndrome of cold and damp athlete's foot. Its cure is to dispel cold and dehumidify, warm and relieve itching. You can choose to use Jiming San, which can be used both internally and externally.
        3. Damp-heat athlete's foot syndrome: The main symptoms include wet erosion, itching between the toes or bottom of the foot, or with yellow water, ulceration and molting, and even swelling of the toes, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, deep or no change in pulse. Its cure is to clear away heat and dampness, warming and relieving itching. Ku Shen Fan Shi soup can be used, which can be taken internally or washed externally.
Other traditional Chinese medicine treating methods of athlete's foot
        Soak your feet in salt tea water
        Adding salt to the tea to soak your feet can help prevent mild foot odor. Experts said that the tea itself has astringent and adsorption effects, and it can indeed absorb odor. Patients with foot odor can soak their feet with boiled tea water (there is no limit to which type of tea it is). With the cleaning process of the feet and the astringent effect of the tea itself, foot odor can be suppressed to some extent. Another said that after the tea water is boiled with salt, it can be used to soak the feet to remove the odor. He explained that the tea itself has astringent and adsorbing effects. The addition of salt only helps the adsorption. The real odor-absorbing effect is still tea. Coffee grounds have the same astringent effect as tea leaves. Putting them into shoes can also help absorb sweat and odor, which can improve foot odor. Add 25 grams of tea leaves and a small amount of salt to the footwashing water. The amount of water should be just enough to cover your feet. Soak and rub your feet against each other for 5-10 minutes. When the weather is cold, you can continue to heat water in the basin to properly extend the time of soaking your feet.
       Mugwort leaves and Sichuan pepper water foot soak
       Mugwort leaves is mainly used for dehumidification and itching, warming menstruation to stop bleeding, and pain relief. Athlete's foot is mainly caused by fungal infection, so foot bath with Mugwort leaves has a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of athlete's foot. Sichuan pepper can relieve itching and insecticide, and soak feet with Sichuan pepper water can also treat athlete's foot. Therefore, Mugwort leaves and 20pcs Sichuan pepper can treat foot odor.


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