Floaters in eye remind you to rest

Floaters in eye remind you to rest
Floaters in eye remind you to rest

        In the hot summer season, the mosquitoes buzzing around all day are annoying, and equally annoying are the silent "mosquitoes".
        In the Internet age, people spend more and more time on computers and mobile phones, or they are tired of using their eyes, or they don't know how to better protect their eyes. So nowadays, in addition to the elderly who suffer from floaters in eye, many young people and even children also suffer from floaters in eye.
        Flying around in front of you can't count
        Always fly around in front of my eyes, and can't count them. These dark shadows like mosquitoes, hair strands, gray clouds, small circles, flies, and small black dots, lines, and pictures, sometimes accompanied by a flash of light, which cannot be wiped. Remove or erase. Generally speaking, the eyes themselves are neither painful nor red, and do not affect vision. This is eye floaters.
        There are many reasons for daily eye floaters, and the eye floaters treatment are also different. Generally speaking, the elderly are more likely to get floaters, most of which are vitreous opacity caused by vitreous liquefaction caused by age, vitreous degeneration or high myopia (more common in young people) , caused by eye fatigue and so on.
        The TCM pathogenesis of eye floaters is loss of liver and kidney, accumulation of phlegm and dampness, stagnation of qi and blood stasis. Traditional Chinese medicines such as nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing qi and blood, clearing heat and dehumidification are usually used for syndrome differentiation treatment of eye floaters. Director Zhang reminded that the eye floaters must be treated in time to avoid more eye diseases and have a greater impact on life.
        Patients with normal thyroid function can drop some iodine-containing eye drops and take iodine-containing and microcirculation-improving drugs. Most people can improve or even disappear their symptoms through these methods, but some have no obvious changes. However, it should be noted that if it is the first time such symptoms appear, or patients with more severe symptoms, they must immediately go to the hospital for a dilated pupil examination to confirm the diagnosis to rule out other diseases such as retinal tears and vitreous hemorrhage.
        Keep a good mood and don't overuse your eyes
        Many patients with eye floaters will feel depressed and feel that their eyes are hopeless. eye floaters are not a special disease. Usually, there is no fundus disease after a hospital examination. Generally, it will not affect vision, and it will gradually stabilize over a period of time to maintain a certain number of eye floaters. So flying mosquitoes are not terrible. It may tell you to take care of your eyes. At this time, you should go for more walks, learn to relax yourself, get together with friends and maintain a good mood.
The pathology of eye floaters is caused by the liquefaction of the vitreous body deep in the eyes. If you use your eyes too much, it will accelerate its liquefaction. If you are looking at the phone and feel that your eyes are a little sore or hot, please stop. What you are looking at, because at this time your eyes are already in a state of fatigue, whether you look at it for hours or minutes.
        You can take part in more sports and social activities, and change the time of playing computer and reading into running, playing table tennis, swimming and so on. However, patients who are slightly more serious should pay attention to not too intense sports, such as playing basketball and football, etc. As long as the confrontation is not very intense and does not cause big bumps to the eyes, they can participate in it.
        Eat more eye-protecting foods and be alert to eye diseases
        Corn, egg yolk, kiwi fruit, tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower, etc. are all foods that are good for the eyes. Among them, corn and kiwi have the highest content of lutein, which has a certain effect on the metabolism of the eyes. If conditions permit, you can also drink some blueberry juice or lingonberry juice, which will help your eyes to a certain extent.
General inflammation, dry eye, etc., will affect the condition, so if you have keratitis or trachoma, you need to pay attention, because they not only make your eyes tired, but may also cause other eye diseases to exacerbate the symptoms.
        Other fundus diseases, such as retinal tears, detachment, or vitreous hemorrhage can also cause eye floaters, so don't take it lightly.
        When the following phenomena occur, you need to be particularly vigilant and find a qualified ophthalmologist for detailed examination in time:
        Severe vision loss, deformed or distorted vision;
        Redness, pain, photophobia and excessive tearing of the eyes;
        There is a fixed shadow;
        Flashes, the original dark shadows suddenly become larger and more numerous, etc.
        The appearance of such symptoms is likely to be caused by fundus diseases such as vitreous hemorrhage, retinal tears, detachment, etc. These diseases require necessary drugs and even surgical treatment.
        In addition, it is worth noting that if eye floaters persist, suffer from high myopia or have risk factors for retinal detachment, they should go to the hospital for fundus examination every three months to six months.


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