What are severe bipolar disorder symptoms?

What are severe bipolar disorder symptoms?
What are severe bipolar disorder symptoms?

        What are the severe bipolar disorder symptoms? There are patients with severe depression who have relatively large emotional changes and are prone to depression. They will be immersed in sadness. They are not interested in things around them. They look like they have been hit hard and feel that their life is worthless. It is meaningless to live. If you encounter some small mistakes in life, you will enter infinite self-blame. If this kind of self-blame mentality continues to appear, it will be infinitely amplified by depressed patients, and it is easy to have suicidal thoughts. .
        Severe bipolar disorder is mainly endogenous depression, that is, depression patients are often caused by biological factors. Therefore, the characteristics of depression are that psychological or social factors are not particularly obvious, and it has a certain degree of genetic aggregation. It is easy to inherit severe depression. Patients with severe depression also have circadian characteristics. One night, the condition will be a little better, but at dawn, all kinds of depression will come.
       With severe bipolar disorder, the mood will be very low, and will be listless all day long, and often feel empty and lonely. We observe that he always feels very sad, and when he encounters anything, he is very sad. of.
       Cognitive changes:
       If you have severe bipolar disorder, you will feel that you have no interest in life. No matter how happy we feel, he will not feel happy. If you have severe bipolar disorder, you often feel that your memory becomes very bad, knowing that you are very slow and thinking. It always feels very difficult when there is a problem. Depressed patients always think badly when encountering things. At the same time, they will gradually lose confidence in life and feel that their future is very slim.
       With severe bipolar disorder, you will often feel headache or pain in a certain part of the body, and often have symptoms of dizziness, and many symptoms are long-term.
       Inability to concentrate:
       No matter whether it is work or study, there is no way to concentrate one's attention, no way to communicate with other people normally. Participating in social activities will feel that oneself is very abnormal, often avoiding some things, and not interested in work and study. Self-evaluation is very low, and I often feel that I am very useless, meaningless to the family or the society, lack the courage to face other people normally, and have a strong sense of self-blame.


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