How to use blood glucose meter correctly

How to use blood glucose meter correctly
How to use blood glucose meter correctly

        A misunderstanding in the use of blood glucose meters
        In order to better measure blood sugar, many diabetes patients have purchased a rapid blood glucose meter. As long as the finger is lightly pricked, the level of blood sugar can be measured. However, some people, in order to make the blood drip onto the test paper more quickly, will forcefully squeeze the needle site to squeeze the blood out. In fact, this method of squeezing blood from the needle stick site to measure blood sugar will result in lower blood sugar measurement results.
        Why can't the blood glucose meter be squeezed when taking blood?
        In the clinic, the blood glucose of patients who used the method of squeezing and squeezing blood samples always showed normal results. It was not until some cardiovascular complications appeared and after the examination at the hospital that the blood sugar was much higher than usual. The cause of this situation is that the patient excessively massages and squeezes the needle stick during the blood collection process. At this time, not only the blood will be squeezed out, but also a part of the tissue fluid of the skin will be squeezed out, which will dilute the blood sample and make the blood glucose test. The result is low.
        The correct way to collect blood when using a blood glucose meter
        The correct blood collection method using blood glucose meter, is to choose the thinner skin on both sides of the fingertip of the left ring finger, because the blood vessels on both sides of the finger are abundant, and the nerve endings are less distributed. Taking blood from this area is not only painless, but also bleeding is sufficient, and the results will not be affected by insufficient bleeding. Before blood collection, you can hang your arm for 10-15 seconds to make your fingertips congested. After the needle is inserted, gently push the blood vessels on both sides of your finger to one third of the tip of your finger to allow the blood to overflow slowly.
        Precautions for blood sampling when using blood glucose meter
        In addition, when measuring finger blood sugar, it is best not to wipe the finger with alcohol. It should be noted that for patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, monitoring fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose is far from enough. It is necessary to monitor glycosylated hemoglobin regularly, generally every 3 months. If only the blood sugar is monitored, and the monitoring of glycosylated hemoglobin is ignored, it is difficult to achieve the effect of long-term blood sugar control.


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