What is moxibustion therapy

What is moxibustion therapy
What is moxibustion therapy

        Moxibustion therapy has the effects of warming meridians and collaterals, promoting Qi and blood circulation, relieving swelling, dispelling dampness and removing cold by burning to produce warmth, achieving health care and curing diseases.
What are the types of moxibustion:
        1. Moxa grains: stick Moxa grains directly on acupuncture points of the skin and apply moxibustion to make local skin blush.
        2. Moxa sticks: Use cylindrical moxa sticks to burn moxibustion on the skin points.
What is the effect of moxibustion:
        Moxibustion is generally suitable for "Yin syndrome" and "chronic disease", and it is also used for some "acute Yang deficiency" diseases.
       1. Warm meridians and dispel cold
        With the firepower of moxibustion, it penetrates the skin deeply, warms the meridians and promotes Qi, and adds the three characteristics of wormwood's growth, warming, passing through the meridians, and eliminating cold and damp. For patients with dysmenorrhea, moxibustion can be applied to the lower abdomen below the umbilical cord, Xue Hai, and San Yin Jiao acupoints.
        2. Promoting Qi and Activating Blood
        For example, if the waist is sore, moxibustion on waist and hip points such as Yao Shu and Da Chang Shu can be used.
        3. Strengthen Yang Qi
        Deficiency of Qi sinks such as prolapse of the anus, long-term venting, moxibustion of the Du meridian Bai Hui acupoint can increase Yang Qi.
        4. Disease prevention and health care
        Regular moxibustion of Zu San Li, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, and Ming Men acupoint can enhance the body's resistance. People who are susceptible to catching a cold can use moxibustion at the Da Zhui, Shen Zhu, and Wu Zhu points to prevent it.
Precautions during moxibustion:
        1. The moxibustion treatment time is about 12 minutes. During the moxibustion process, avoid moving the body posture drastically to prevent the moxa ash from falling off.
        2. If dizziness occurs during moxibustion, inform the staff immediately. After the moxa fire is removed by the staff, drink a glass of warm water and rest in bed.
Precautions after moxibustion:
        1. Rehabilitation after moxibustion: Pay attention to diet, such as cold food, to avoid wind and cold.
        2. After moxibustion, local skin appears reddish and burning is a normal phenomenon. It will dissipate soon after stopping moxibustion. No special treatment is required, just keep it clean and dry.
        3. When itching occurs, never scratch it to avoid broken skin infection.


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