What are the moxibustion benefits on the human body

What are the moxibustion benefits on the human body
What are the moxibustion benefits on the human body

        Moxibustion is one of the oldest treatments in traditional Chinese medicine. And what are benefits of moxibustion?
        It is a therapy that ignites mugwort leaves products, stimulates the meridians or acupoints of the skin epidermis with moxa heat, uses firepower to warm the meridians, regulates blood and Qi, warms the meridians and dispels cold, so as to achieve healing and health preservation.
        Mugwort leaves is warm in nature, can warm menstruation and dispel cold, and can treat gynecological diseases such as menstrual cramps, gynecological inflammation, uterine fibroids, etc., as well as cold pain such as shoulder pain, back pain, low back pain, etc.
        Moxibustion with mugwort leaves has unique advantages that other moxibustion methods cannot replace. According to modern medical research, mugwort leaves not only have infrared effects after burning, but also contains chemical components that have the effects of sterilization, disinfection, antipyretic, sedation, and blood circulation. The moxa sticks are used to burn and roast the meridian points or diseased parts of the body. With the help of the warmth of the drug, the nerve conduction promotes local blood circulation and stimulates the body's immune function.
        Moxibustion is a kind of pure physical therapy, which has the functions of warming meridians and dredging collaterals, replenishing Qi and activating blood, dispelling cold and relieving pain, raising yang, lifting depression, and invigorating deficiency and solidification. It is suitable for gout, cold, rheumatic pain, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, arthralgia, cough and asthma, dysmenorrhea, etc. Moxibustion treatment for diseases that are susceptible in winter can achieve the preventive effect in summer.
        The smoke produced by moxa sticks is harmless and has the natural fragrance of mugwort leaves, which can disinfect the air, not only does not choke, but also relieves asthma and cough. High-quality moxa sticks can be judged from these: Generally speaking, the overall strong is better, and it will be wrapped in mulberry paper or pure cotton paper, and bonded with natural substances such as rice paste, which will produce the least harmful smoke after burning, and inferior products produced with chemical binders; light moxa sticks and observe the shape of the cigarettes. They are of good quality, light and elegant, and have a fragrant smell; if the quality is poor, the smell is very strong and pungent. In addition, when burning, high-quality moxa sticks soot is not easy to fall, and the moxa ash is delicate, while inferior moxa sticks are mixed with impurities, so soot is very easy to fall.
        Moxibustion is not necessary for daily health care, and moxibustion is not suitable for everyone. The burning caused by improper use of moxibustion cannot be ignored, so professional operation is very important.
        Moxibustion is not suitable when the mood is too agitated and the body is extremely fatigued. Moxibustion for people with Yin deficiency and fire, fever, or other complications will also be counterproductive. In addition, after applying moxibustion, you should not catch cold. When applying moxibustion, you should also keep your body warm and avoid draughts while keeping indoor air circulation. Should pay attention to diet, avoid raw and cold foods to avoid wind and cold, etc. After moxibustion, the skin appears reddish locally, and the burning is normal, and it will dissipate on its own. No special treatment is required, just keep it clean and dry. When itching occurs, never scratch it to avoid broken skin infection.


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