Amenorrhea definition and treatment by acupuncture

Amenorrhea definition and treatment by acupuncture
Amenorrhea definition and treatment by acupuncture

What is amenorrhea?
        Any woman who is over 18 years old and whose menstruation is still in the future, or has formed a menstrual cycle, but has been interrupted continuously for more than three months is called "amenorrhea."
Acupuncture points for amenorrhea:
        Main acupuncture point: Sanyinjiao
1. Insufficient liver and kidney
        Diagnosis points: dizziness, tinnitus, sore waist and knees, hot flashes, upset; pale red tongue, thin tongue coating, heavy and deep and thready pulse.
        Acupuncture points: Guanyuan, Ganshu, Shenshu
2. Weak spleen and stomach
        Diagnosis points: heart palpitations, shortness of breath, lazy speech, tired limbs, loose stools; pale tongue, thready pulse.
        Acupuncture points: Pishu, Weishu, Zusanli
3. Camp blood loss
        Diagnosis points: pale complexion, dry skin, thin body; pale tongue, thready pulse.
        Acupuncture points: Geshu, Ganshu, Pishu, Qihai
4. Liver stagnation and qi stagnation
        Diagnosis points: Sudden menstruation is not working for several months, combined with fullness of the chest and flanks, abdominal pain, depression, irritability, dull tongue or  petechiae, thin white tongue coating, deep and wiry or deep and choppy pulse.
        Acupuncture points: Taichong, Sea of ​​Qi, Sea of ​​Blood
5. Cold blood coagulation stagnation
        Diagnosis points: lower abdomen with cold pain, reduced heat and pain, cold limbs; white tongue coating deep and tight pulse.
        Acupuncture points: Guanyuan, Mingmen, Hegu
6. Phlegm-dampness block
        Diagnosis points: obesity, full chest cavity, leucorrhea, greasy moss, slippery pulse.
        Acupuncture points: Zhongwan, Qihai, Fenglong
Other treatments:
        Ear point pressing: uterus, ovary, endocrine, subcortical, liver, spleen, kidney
        Skin acupuncture: Acupoint selection: Du meridian, Bladder Meridian (lumbosacral region) Method: Mild or moderate irritation, once every other day, 10 times as a course of treatment.


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