How to overcome procrastination?

How to overcome procrastination?
How to overcome procrastination?

        Procrastination, not everyone has it, but at least 80%-90% of people have procrastination. Just like in college, we rushed to the library to borrow books when we were about to hand in papers; we were about to go to the exam before staying up late to endorse the books; we were about to get off work before starting a day's work; Coupons were about to expire before we thought of buying our favorite items. .....
        Procrastination is to put things before tomorrow. Procrastination is always manifested in all kinds of trivial things, but it accumulates over time, which particularly affects personal development. "Procrastination" is not a strict psychological or medical term, but is used to describe people's behavior and state of procrastination.
        According to statistics, procrastination is a widespread phenomenon. A survey shows that about 75% of college students think they procrastinate sometimes, and 50% think they procrastinate all the time. Severe procrastination will have a negative impact on the individual's physical and mental health, such as strong feelings of self-blame, guilt, constant self-denial, depreciation, and mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Status requires attention.
Manifestations of procrastination
1. No self-confidence.
        Because every time I complete a task, I can't reach my highest ability, and my assessment of my ability will get lower and lower.
2. I am too busy.
        I have been procrastinating because I have been very busy.
3. Stubbornness.
        It's no use urging me, I will start to do it when I'm ready.
4. Manipulate others.
        It's useless for them to be anxious, everything can't start until I arrive.
5. Fight against pressure.
        Because of the great pressure every day, the things to do have been delayed.
6. Victim mentality.
        I don't know how I can do this, what others can do, I can't do it myself.
The impact of procrastination
1. Delayed work or studies due to procrastination;
        Procrastination often causes you to postpone your work every day from the morning to the end of the afternoon, or to finish it the next day; it will make you in college only think about picking up your books and staying up all night to endorse your books when the exam is about to come.
2. Influencing emotions, destroying teamwork and interpersonal relationships;
        Procrastination can affect personal emotions, make people mentally negative and lax, it is difficult to be interested in affairs or interested and unable to cultivate and feel it as much as possible. This will affect the cooperation and interpersonal relationships of a team. 3. Wear down the body.
        German research shows that chronic and long-term procrastination behavior implies potential psychological and physical disorders. Procrastination and procrastination caused them to miss the physical examination and the opportunity for early treatment of some diseases.
4. People who procrastinate are not strong in self-discipline:
        These people are usually accustomed to going to bed late, and they often exceed their expected amount of alcohol when they drink. Similarly, even if they decide to quit smoking, exercise, lose weight, etc., it is difficult for them to take a substantial step.
How to overcome procrastination
        1. When we do something, do a small action first, that is, something that is not very co stly to start. For example, prepare the items needed to do the thing first. In this way, once the thing starts, you will Will be willing to continue.
        2. When doing things, first set a small goal, just like building a house, first start with a brick, and then go on slowly, and you will get things done. Let's take the first step first, so that if you have the first step, you will do it slowly.
        There are also many people who like to make plans. They make a lot of plans every morning, saying that this can overcome procrastination. In fact, it is not. However, there is a good way to do three things a day, that is, to list only three things every day. In this way, you won't put too much pressure on yourself, so you can do it every day.
When you list the three things of the day, you can list the three things for the next day before going to bed every day, so that you can do it well when you wake up in the morning.
Procrastination and time management
        Time is constantly passing; the future is coming; you are getting old; in your life, what you can accomplish is always limited; the cruelest fact is that you will die eventually. If we all have procrastination, refuse to take a substantial step, waste time and waste life. Therefore, we must learn time management, allocate time rationally, use time rationally, improve work efficiency, and bid farewell to procrastination.


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