TCM treatment for glaucoma

TCM treatment for glaucoma
TCM treatment for glaucoma

        Glaucoma is a disease related to the structure of the eyeball. The eyeball is like a fluid-filled balloon. When the drainage of the aqueous humor from the eyeball is blocked, the intraocular pressure will increase and it will easily occur. In the past, medical circles defined the causes of glaucoma to refer to the continuous increase in intraocular pressure, exceeding the tolerable limit of the optic nerve, resulting in damage to the optic nerve, loss of vision, reduced vision, and ultimately blindness.
        Groups at high risk of glaucoma must be checked regularly.
        The reason why it is called "glaucoma" is that when it attacks, the pupils of the patient will appear blue, and the vision will be blurred, the field of vision will be narrowed, and even severe headaches will occur. Clinically, when the intraocular pressure is higher than 20 mmHg, glaucoma is prone to occur.
        In fact, many studies and clinical findings indicate that intraocular pressure is not the only cause of glaucoma, and high intraocular pressure does not necessarily lead to glaucoma! However, high intraocular pressure is indeed a high risk factor for glaucoma. In addition, poor blood circulation, optic nerve degeneration in middle-aged and elderly people, people with high myopia or hyperopia, three high chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease), or family history of glaucoma People who have suffered external injuries to their eyes are all high-risk groups for glaucoma.
        What will the treatment of glaucoma be done in traditional Chinese medicine?
        "Huang Di Nei Jing" mentioned: "The liver governs the tendons and opens to the eyes." The liver can regulate the blood flow and regulate the Qi of the whole body, so that the Qi and blood are calm and the blood runs adequately. If the liver blood is sufficient, the eyes are enlightened; if the liver blood is insufficient, the eyes are dry and the vision is unclear.
Traditional Chinese medicine divides glaucoma into two types of constitutions, "positivity" and "deficiency syndrome." Usually the syndrome is "liver stagnation transforming fire", while deficiency syndrome is caused by "liver and kidney yin deficiency".
        "Positive evidence" mostly refers to what Western medicine calls acute glaucoma. When a patient attacks, symptoms such as headache, eye swelling, nausea, blurred vision, and increased blood pressure will appear, accompanied by irritability and depression. In treatment, Long Dan Xie Gan soup will be used to help clear the liver and fire, soothe the liver and relieve depression; in life, it is necessary to maintain a stable mood and reduce irritability, depression and other emotions.
         The "deficiency syndrome" is more like chronic and recurrent glaucoma, which is mostly related to family inheritance, myopia and hyperopia, and poor control of chronic diseases. As we age, our vision becomes blurred and the field of vision becomes narrower. When the patient feels tired, tired, or at night, his vision becomes worse. In treatment, tonics such as Qi Ju Di Huang pills are often used to achieve the effect of nourishing liver and kidney; in life, rest early.
        In addition to traditional Chinese medicine depending on the physical condition and the cause of the occurrence, it will also be combined with acupuncture and moxibustion, which has a good therapeutic effect.
        To prevent glaucoma, Chinese medicine teaches maintenance prescriptions!
        If you are worried about glaucoma, or you already have glaucoma, you should regularly measure intraocular pressure, check the optic nerve and visual field. In life, you should maintain a regular life, a stable mood, avoid staying up late and emotionally, so as not to increase intraocular pressure.
        In addition, you can also use acupoint massage to protect your eyes. People with glaucoma or myopia are recommended to follow the Cuanzhu point on the brow, the Yuyao point in the eyebrow, the Sizhu Kong point at the end of the eyebrow, the Tongzijiao point, and the pupils go straight down the eye sockets. The Chengqi point at the lower edge, and the Qingming point outside the inner corner of the eye near the inner edge of the orbital bone, gently press the knuckles to help soothe.
        In terms of diet, it is necessary to reduce smoking, drinking, and drink less strong tea or coffee and other stimulating diets, so as to reduce the chance of excessive eye pressure leading to glaucoma attacks.
        At present, the medical profession still cannot find an effective solution to glaucoma, so combined treatment of Chinese and Western medicine has become another option. The people should be reminded that whether it is treated by Chinese medicine or Western medicine, it is only to prevent further damage to vision, and to maintain the existing vision from deterioration, but it cannot restore vision due to optic nerve damage.
        To prevent glaucoma, health tea is recommended!
        "Semen Cassiae nourishing liver tea" suitable for positive evidence.
        Material: 6 grams of Semen Cassiae, 6 grams of mint
        Efficacy: Semen Cassiae can take care of the eyes and moisturize the intestines. It can help lower intraocular pressure, remove constipation, and has a peppermint taste. It can soothe the liver and relieve depression and relax the mood. The volatile oil contained in it has the effect of clearing heat and reducing inflammation, and relieves The pain when the intraocular pressure is high can prevent the occurrence of glaucoma and control the intraocular pressure without increasing.
        Practice: Semen Cassiae, mint soaked in 500cc of hot water, can be drunk after 10 minutes of stuffiness, which is very convenient.
        "Qiju Tea for Eyes Improvement" Deficiency syndrome is suitable.
        Material: 10 Fructus Lycii, 6 grams of white chrysanthemums
        Efficacy: Lycium barbarum is a plant of the Solanaceae family. It is rich in carotene and vitamins A, B, calcium, iron and other nutrients necessary for the eyes. Therefore, it has the effect of eye-sight, and can even be anti-aging and anti-three highs. It can also be used with white chrysanthemums. Liver eyesight is better for chronic glaucoma.
        Method: Fructus Lycii and white chrysanthemum in 500cc of hot water, and drink after 10 minutes of stuffiness.


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