The blood glucose meter should be calibrated regularly

The blood glucose meter should be calibrated regularly
The blood glucose meter should be calibrated regularly

        Currently, many diabetics have blood glucose meters, and some have more than one at home. However, many patients do not know that the accuracy of the blood glucose meter will be significantly reduced after more than 2000 test strips are tested, and calibration is required.
        When a diabetic patient uses a home blood glucose meter, if he finds that there are too many abnormal values ​​monitored, he should go to the medical unit to compare the venous blood glucose value in time. The specific method is: Diabetes patients take their own home blood glucose meter to the hospital to test venous blood, and use their own blood glucose meter to measure blood glucose while drawing blood. It should be noted that patients should not go to the hospital for venous blood testing after the blood glucose is measured at home, because some of the patients ride in a car, some ride a bicycle, some walk, and travel on the road will also affect their blood sugar. If you find that there is a problem with the comparison between venous blood and finger blood, you should contact the manufacturer of the blood glucose meter in time.
       Generally, there are 50 test strips per barrel. A diabetic patient uses 2 to 4 barrels of test paper a year, which shows that his blood glucose monitoring is very good. Calculated according to the current frequency of blood glucose monitoring in diabetic patients, 2000 test strips can be used for 2 to 3 years. Patients can regularly calibrate the blood glucose meter according to their frequency and years of use.
        Therefore, it is best for diabetics to buy a blood glucose meter with after-sales service guarantee. If the patient has any problems in the process of using the blood glucose meter, he can directly dial the after-sales service call, and the blood glucose meter manufacturer will provide the user of the blood glucose meter with regular proofreading and cleaning services.


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