Lose weight by right eating

Lose weight by right eating
Lose weight by right eating

        Could we lose weight by right eating, the answer is yes, and let's see the right eating method as following.
Control total heat
        When the body's intake of calories from food is greater than the calories consumed by physiological activities such as metabolism, a person will gain weight. Therefore, as long as the body's calories are equal to (or less than) the calories consumed, a person can maintain or lose weight. Following this principle, in weight loss, we can choose foods with relatively low calorie values. For example, 100 grams of rice (rice, millet) and noodles (wheat, buckwheat) contain an average of about 1,400 kJ; 100 grams of soybeans contain an average of 1,700 kJ; 100 grams of mung beans and red beans contain an average of 1,300 kJ. 100 grams of fat, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, and rapeseed oil, contains an average of about 3 700 kilojoules of calories. That is to say, fats and oils bring more calories to the human body than carbohydrates. In addition, at the end of the day at the end of the work day, people often choose peanuts and sunflower seeds as snacks when they take a break to watch TV or chat in the evening. They do not know that peanuts and sunflower seeds as oil crops are themselves high-calorie foods. 100 grams contains an average of 2 400 kJ Calories, using them as a snack food, not only will not make the weight drop, but will make the weight rise faster. Therefore, choose some foods with low calorie value and suitable for you, so that the total calorie intake of the human body ≤ the total caloric consumption of the human body can effectively control weight.
Ensure that the food contains sufficient water
        Water is an important nutrient of the human body and an important component of human tissues. Sufficient water in food can ensure the normal progress of biochemical reactions such as metabolism in the human body, promote the transportation of nutrients and excrete metabolic wastes such as uric acid and urea from the body in a timely manner, and dredge the human body The various detoxification channels clean the human body and keep the blood flowing. On the other hand, after food absorbs water, it increases in weight and swells in volume. After entering the gastrointestinal tract, it is easy to make people feel full, which can reduce the amount of food they eat without feeling hungry, thereby controlling weight.
In food cooking and processing, more steaming, cooking less frying.
        1. For the same food, the heat produced by steaming and boiling is lower than the heat produced after frying or frying. This is because after the food is fried or fried with oil, the fat content in the food will increase, and the calories will also increase. Take potato as an example. Its fat content is very low (<1%), which is only about 7% of the fat contained in rice and flour. It is a low-fat food; but after deep-frying, the fat content in French fries rises to 40% ), it has become a high-calorie food, which is very detrimental to weight control.
        2. During the frying of food, vitamins and other nutrients are easily lost; if the oil temperature is too high, or if the frying time is too long, lipid peroxides will be produced in the oil, which is an important substance that promotes aging. After frying food, carcinogen acrylamide is also produced. Acrylamide can cause gene mutations, damage the central and peripheral nervous system, and induce benign or malignant tumors, which is very harmful to health.
        Fried foods are crispy and delicious, and many people like to eat them, but these foods are not easy to digest. After the food is fried, most of the particles are encapsulated in fat, reducing the chance of contact with proteases and amylases in the body. Therefore, the protein and starch in fried foods are more difficult to digest and will have adverse effects on the stomach and intestines. Cause gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, from the perspective of heat control and food safety, cooking methods should be used as much as possible in food cooking, which is beneficial to human health. In the process of dieting and weight loss, in addition to controlling the total calories of the food, maintaining sufficient water in the food, and less frying and more steaming during processing, it is also necessary to achieve a balanced nutrition. In the choice of food, there should be as many varieties as possible, and a variety of foods should be eaten together, which can often play a role in correcting deviations and filling deficiencies in terms of nutrients and physiological functions.
        Different regions have different climatic characteristics and products, and everyone's physical condition is different. Therefore, in the process of dieting and weight loss, you must grasp the principles that vary from time to time, place to place, and person to person, and to adopt a method that suits you. Realize the harmony and unity of food for health, food and health preservation.


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