Types of procrastination and 3 methods to stop procrastination

Types of procrastination and 3 methods to stop procrastination
Types of procrastination and 3 methods to stop procrastination

        Do you have procrastination? In the face of work, do you often say "I'll do it tomorrow", "I'm so tired now, let me rest first" and so on? In fact, for important but challenging tasks, everyone is more or less prone to procrastination, but repeated evasion will not only be easily labeled as "lack of work efficiency" by your boss, it is more likely to make you get into an endless loop of procrastination. But how can you help yourself withdraw from procrastinating symptoms? What are the types and methods to stop procrastination? Starting today, let's use the following methods to practice and say goodbye to procrastination!
There are four types of procrastination, which one are you?
1. "Deadline procrastination" that does not shed tears without seeing the dead line
        Although most people understand that the undesirable consequences of procrastination tend to cancel out all the benefits, especially in an environment where companies and groups cooperate; but some people just like to fight until the last minute, just at the last critical juncture. Finish things in one go. For example, the supervisor stipulates that a report should be submitted on Wednesday, but you have to delay it until Tuesday night to go to bed without writing it. This type of procrastination has a time limit, but the practice of delaying it to the last minute is bound to give you bring a lot of unnecessary pressure.
2. "Procrastination" that stems from a personal avoidance mentality
        Compared with the first type of procrastination, this type of procrastination usually means that there is no clear deadline for things to be done, so there will be endless evasion and delay. For example, there are many important things in our daily life, such as the desire to get a master's degree before the age of 30, the weight loss plan that you have to implement every summer, and the feeling that it should be over long ago but you are reluctant to say that you broke up. Moreover, usually the common characteristic of these things is that they are important but not very urgent, so you will choose to silently ignore and delay them, and this symptom will most likely happen to people who lack confidence in their own abilities.
3. "Simple procrastination" lacking the concept of time
        People of this type usually put their minds on doing what they like, and even because they are too invested in things that they are interested in, they are unable to consciously change time and have a poor concept of time; but for things they don't want to do, they just don't want to do things. Hardly take it to heart, so it often causes things to always be delayed to the last moment.
        For example, mom asks you to book a train ticket for her. You can do it easily. You don't have to worry about it, but you just want to delay it all the time. Sometimes when you receive a message, you only need to reply a few words, but it's forbearance. I can't help but think about it later, but I often forget to reply. This is a common simple symptom of procrastination.
4. The difficult choice of "complex procrastination"
        In fact, most people's procrastination is because they are afraid of failure. They tend to hesitate and waver in their decisions. They think that every choice is right, but it doesn't seem to be right. As a result, they cannot finally decide what to do, so they procrastinate for longer. Resulting in an indefinite lag in progress. And this kind of procrastination also originates from more complex mental activities, which may be related to factors such as mental illness, childhood experience, perfectionism and so on.
3 methods to stop procrastination
Solution 1: Cut large plans into small blocks for flexible execution
        Compared with new challenges and facing the unknown, most of the time people tend to walk the old way, do what they can do well, and choose the illusion of ease to satisfy themselves, especially when facing a huge plan to start, they have not yet At the beginning, I wanted to escape and admit defeat.
        Therefore, when you are faced with a large-scale project with a deadline for work, you may wish to cut it into small pieces first. If a certain piece is particularly difficult to complete, skip it first and replace it with other parts. The flexible processing in stages is not only more convenient. Efficiency can also avoid affecting the progress of the entire project due to a single block being stuck.
Solution 2: Let your small goals have a reward system
         Procrastination is often caused not only by time management problems, but also by personal mentality and values. Therefore, when you carry out each task, in addition to setting goals, don't forget to give yourself some sweetness in the process. Rewards, such as completing this paragraph, taking a 20-minute break, or finishing 1/3 of the briefing, you can play 15 minutes of games, etc. After you complete each task, give yourself some positive comments, see Go to the side of your own progress and continue to encourage yourself, you will also find yourself growing after every effort.
Solution 3: Make a "list of delays" and focus on the face
        The ultimate way to deal with procrastination is to directly list your "procrastination list" and focus on the items on the list that you have repeatedly delayed, and you can also use this to find out which ones are relatively easy and quicker to solve. Because instead of being stuck in multiple parts of the project, it is better to do the relatively easy ones first, and then think about how to deal with the difficult ones.
        Finally, no matter which type of procrastination you are in, please tell yourself "You are the only person responsible for yourself." By further understanding the reasons for your procrastination and finding solutions, you can also face each one more honestly. Work tasks. Let's be a refreshing office worker together this time, don't let the panic monster in your head run out, and spend every day procrastinating!


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