How to improve concentration?

How to improve concentration?
How to improve concentration?

        Improving concentration can make you better. There are a lot of things around you that tempts you, which makes you unable to concentrate on one thing. Sometimes, although there is nothing around you that tempts you, you still have ideas from time to time while you are working. Caused a very severe drop in their concentration. So how to improve concentration?
        Improving concentration can make you better. Whether at work, studying or taking care of life, we all need "concentration" to improve the efficiency of doing things. But in modern society, people's attention is being eaten away by mobile phones and other media, short videos, news and other platforms. Adults' lack of concentration will affect their work efficiency.
Ways to improve concentration:
Eliminate interference in the environment:
      Keep the desktop tidy, turn off all kinds of voice reminders, and pay attention to irrelevant browser tabs. Before entering a job, removing the factors that may distract you can help you get into the state faster.
Establish a sense of ritual and form a habit:
        A sense of ritual is needed in life, and cultivating concentration also requires a sense of ritual. Every day before starting work, make a cup of tea for yourself, and then start to devote yourself to the day's work and study. Over time, this cup of tea will be linked to your daily work. When you smell the tea, you know that you should start doing it. Alive.
Fewer utilitarian purposes and eliminate distractions:
        When there are too many distracting thoughts, it is difficult for you to concentrate on doing things. For example, if you travel and read books just to increase the amount of conversation, it will run counter to travel and reading itself. In fact, by focusing on the process of reading and traveling, you will get a great sense of happiness.
Remember your vision and goals:
      First of all, why do you need to concentrate? Do you want to accomplish your own goal or task? think about it.
        Knowing why we need to stay focused can help us get through the most difficult and tedious part of accomplishing our goals. This is also the time when our attention is truly tested, and when you need it most.
Timely rewards and punishments:
        The results of many goals are often not effective in the short term, and it is easy to give up after a long time. Therefore, we must learn to reward ourselves and affirm the process of “doing” ourselves.
        Set a daily plan for yourself, and score your behavior based on the completion of the Pomodoro Clock. If you do well, reward yourself to watch a movie and go out for a trip. If you don’t meet the standard, you will punish yourself not to buy new clothes this month.


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