How to prevent foot odor

How to prevent foot odor
How to prevent foot odor

        You sweat a lot in summer. If you wear airtight sneakers or bags, foot odor is easy to occur. Foot odor may also be caused by mold or bacterial infection. If it is a mold infection, it must be treated with anti-fungal ointment; if it is bacterial Infections must be treated with oral antibiotics or ointments. If the foot odor is caused by a chronic disease, the original disease must be controlled first to avoid the occurrence of foot odor.
To prevent "foot odor", keeping your feet dry is the most important thing.
        There are 5 major considerations in daily life:
        1. After taking a shower, you must wipe your feet dry. You can use a hair dryer or dry towel to assist.
        2. You must wear socks when you wear shoes, because shoes can't absorb too much sweat. People who sweat a lot may even bring an extra pair of socks every day.
        3. Wearing sandals helps to breathe, but choose the material carefully.
        4. People who like to wear styling rain boots, it is best to change them when they go to the office, otherwise the boots are worn all day long, and the rubber material is added, which will soon cause foot odor.
        5. Before going out, you may wish to apply an aluminum-containing foot antiperspirant or spray deodorant talcum powder, which can reduce the occurrence of foot sweat and cause foot odor.


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