Foods for high blood pressure

Foods for high blood pressure
Foods for high blood pressure

       Elevated blood pressure will cause certain harm to our body. What are the foods for high blood pressure patients? The following foods have a blood pressure lowering effect.
  1. carrot
Modern studies have proved that carrots have the effect of lowering blood pressure and strengthening the heart, and the potassium succinate contained in it is an effective ingredient for lowering blood pressure. Regular consumption of carrots can improve microvascular function, reduce blood lipids, increase coronary blood flow, and lower blood pressure. Reduce blood sugar, strengthen heart and other effects.
  2. mung bean
   Mung bean can prevent and treat high blood pressure in addition to the effect of clearing away heat and lowering fire. This is because the composition of mung bean contains vitamin E, iron, zinc, copper, selenium and many other trace elements needed by the human body. These trace elements can not only protect the normal function of blood vessels, but also enhance the vitality of blood cells, and can improve blood adhesion. Stagnation reduces the resistance of blood circulation, thereby lowering blood pressure.
  3. corn
   Corn is a high-quality health product in coarse grains, and it is also very suitable for people with high blood pressure. Corn has the effects of regulating the middle and appetizing, diuresis, and clearing dampness and heat, and is especially suitable for hypertension of spleen deficiency and liver hypertension. Patients with high blood pressure can eat more polenta, corn oil, corn silk decoction instead of tea, which has a good effect on lowering blood pressure.
  4. spinach
   Spinach is an indispensable vegetable in the antihypertensive diet. Spinach is rich in vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants, among which potassium plays a vital role in regulating blood pressure. High sodium and low potassium are important pathogenic factors of hypertension, so dietary potassium supplementation is beneficial for lowering blood pressure.
   5. Banana
   Banana is one of the fruits that we often eat. It can provide the human body with potassium ions that lower blood pressure, while the content of sodium ions in bananas that can boost blood pressure and damage blood vessels is very low. Urine potassium rises and blood pressure drops, especially in essential hypertension. Potassium has a greater impact on blood pressure than sodium ions. It reduces sodium ions and increases potassium ions. It has obvious effects on the prevention and treatment of essential hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage. .
   6. almonds
   Almonds have rich nutritional value and are very valuable dried fruits on the market. It contains unsaturated fats that can supplement the fat needs of the human body without increasing other excess fats. The dietary fiber elements rich in almonds have a good effect on reducing the body's cholesterol and people with three highs.
   In addition to diet, hypertensive patients can also lower blood pressure through daily exercise. Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to take antihypertensive drugs, because they are afraid of side effects, it is best to adopt healthy blood pressure reduction methods in life.


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