What causes bad breath from stomach?

Bad breath, constipation, gum swelling and pain?

Symptoms of stomach fire

        Stomach fire is full, manifested as gum swelling and pain, bad breath, constipation and so on.
       Many people quickly become hungry even if they don't eat a lot of food in their lives. They are not easy to grow flesh on their bodies. Many people envy such a physique, that they can eat without getting fat. In fact, most of this situation is caused by excessive stomach fire, which is also called stomach fever. Then bad breath from stomach will occur, and constipation and gum swelling and pain will occur too.


Eating spicy and hot food

        Stomach fire is caused by frequent eating of spicy and warm foods, such as lamb and dog meat. When the cold winter is here, many people love to eat hot pot, and eating hot pot inevitably requires lamb. Frequent eating of lamb hot pot will inevitably lead to excessive stomach fire. Because hot pot is hot and spicy, if we add warm lamb, our stomach will get angry more easily. It is not good to eat hot pot occasionally in winter, but it is best to eat hot pot with clear soup. At the same time, you can also put some stomach-clearing food in the hot pot, such as tofu, lettuce and so on.

Often stay up late

        With the accelerated pace of life, staying up late is no longer exclusive to young people, and many middle-aged people also like to stay up late. Sleeping late and getting up late is a common problem for many people, but it does a lot of harm to our body. After staying up late, you will feel a taste in your mouth, which is the manifestation of excessive stomach fire.

Ways to reduce stomach fire:

Replenish moisture at any time

         Drinking warm water regularly can solve many problems, including cooling the body's heat, promoting the metabolism of the epidermis, washing the bacterial colonies in the oral cavity, inhibiting bacterial growth, and eliminating oral odor. Even people who often stay in air-conditioned rooms have the highest water evaporation, and they need to drink about 2000 ml a day, especially when they sweat. It is suitable to drink lemon water when it is on fire, eat more sour fruits such as citrus, and also drink more tea, such as mint, bitter tea, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and other herbal teas.

Improve sleep quality

        People who work mentally, blood is more likely to concentrate on the head, causing fatigue but unstable sleep, then you can use a foot bath to bring the fire down to promote sleep.
        The method is as follows: first soak in warm water (female water should reach two-thirds of the calf near the Sanyinjiao acupoint, males can replace the foot), and then slowly heat the water until the feet are hot and sweat slightly, then you can rest. The foot bath is very helpful for improving the metabolism of the skin surface. After a week of foot bath, you will find that you sweat more and more easily. Even in an air-conditioned room, your skin will not dry out.

Light diet

         When the stomach fire is rising, it is not advisable to eat more low-moisture foods, such as fried foods, biscuits, peanuts and other nuts. Instead, switch to a low-calorie diet such as vegetables and clear soup.

Therapeutic method for stomach fire:

        Drink lotus seed soup to get your heart out
Adaptation symptoms: There are two types of deficiency and excess. Deficiency is manifested as low fever, night sweats, upset, dry mouth, etc.; actual fire is manifested as recurrent oral ulcers, dry mouth, short red urine, upset and irritability.
Food therapy: 30 grams of lotus seeds (not to remove the lotus heart), 15 grams of gardenia (wrapped with gauze), add rock sugar, decoct in water, eat lotus seeds and drink soup.

Eat pork liver to get rid of anger
        Adaptation symptoms: dry cough without phlegm or sticky phlegm with little phlegm, hot flashes and night sweats, hot hands and feet, insomnia, red tongue.
Food therapy: 1 pair of pig liver, 30 grams of chrysanthemum (wrapped in gauze), cook until cooked, eat liver and drink soup.