What to do about children with low self-esteem

What to do about children with low self-esteem
What to do about children with low self-esteem

        Children's low self-esteem is a common mental illness. There are many factors that can cause it, but in any case, active treatment is the most critical! So what should we do if children have low self-esteem? What are the causes of low self-esteem in children? Let's take a look!
   How to deal with children's low self-esteem? Of course it is actively helping the child to come for treatment! So what are the common ways to treat children with low self-esteem? Do you know what causes the child to have inferiority complex mental illness easily? Come and learn together!
How to overcome low self-esteem in children
  1. Language suggestion
   To help children recognize some of their successful experiences in the learning process, because the more successful experiences, the stronger the child's self-confidence. Children often don't have enough knowledge of their own abilities, and sometimes they may do things beyond their ability and lead to failure, resulting in inferiority complex. Parents should guide their children to do what they can, and the requirements of parents for their children should also conform to the characteristics of their physical and mental development.
  2. Make use of strengths
   People have strengths and weaknesses, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Parents should teach their children to maximize their strengths and avoid weaknesses, choose their strengths, eliminate their children's inferiority complex, and be good at tapping their strengths and strengths is very important.
  3. Wash the shadow
What to do about children with low self-esteem
Everyone will encounter big and small failures. Children should encounter some small setbacks and failures at the right time, but after the failure, parents must communicate effectively with the child, and parents must analyze the failure of the child after the failure Summing up the child’s experience, the same thing will be successful next time. Parents should help the child forget the unpleasant and look forward.
  4. Lower pursuit
  Guide and educate children to evaluate themselves positively, correctly and objectively, and recognize that everyone has their own strengths, but also their shortcomings or shortcomings. Believe and promote your strengths and make up for your weaknesses.
Causes of children's low self-esteem
   The bigger the child, the more picky the parents are, and they have forgotten the appreciative mentality of the child when learning to walk. Children in early childhood, due to their immature mental development, do not have self-evaluation awareness and self-cognition ability, their knowledge and judgments often come from the judgment of adults. Whenever I try something, the first thing that comes to my mind is: "Yes, I might not be able to do it, so let's not do it."
   Families with a high starting point hope that their children will also have a high starting point and achieve high achievements. In such a family, even if parents rarely criticize their children, they will convey high expectations to their children through their speech and behavior. However, the child is not a copy of his parents, he has his own intellectual characteristics, personality characteristics, hobbies and so on.
   children have a positive heart. It is not that the child does not want to work hard, but because of various reasons, the goal that you expect is not achieved. Comparing the strengths of others with the weaknesses of the child, in addition to making the child feel ashamed and unable to raise his head, it also greatly stabs his self-esteem. When this happens more often, the child becomes numb, and his self-esteem is gone, so naturally he won't seek to improve.


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