TCM plum blossom needle treat myopia

TCM plum blossom needle treat myopia
TCM plum blossom needle treat myopia

         The incidence of ocular myopia is getting higher and higher, so do you know how traditional Chinese medicine treats myopia? And do you know how to treat myopia by plum blossom needle? If you don't know, let's take a look.
Myopia is no longer a novelty. More and more people around us suffer from myopia, and the age is getting younger. The reason for myopia has a lot to do with our eye hygiene. With the increasing of electronic products The more computers, mobile phones, games, and readers occupy all the time of the eyes. If the eyes are not effectively rested, the eyes are prone to myopia. Of course, part of it is genetic. In any case, using the eyes for a long time without rest will affect the eyes. It is no good. If you want to stay away from myopia, you must pay attention to eye hygiene. Don't spend too much time reading books, mobile phones, and computers. Don't always lie down and play with your mobile phones. Go outdoors and see green plants are for good for us eye care.
    As far as the current medical results are concerned, besides wearing glasses to correct myopia, it seems that only laser surgery can effectively treat myopia, and there are many unsafe and unstable factors in surgical treatment, so not many people try. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, myopia is related to obstruction of the meridians around the eyes and poor qi and blood. Therefore, the treatment of myopia in traditional Chinese medicine is mostly carried out from the perspective of collaterals and blood circulation.
    TCM treatment of myopia includes acupoint massage, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, acupuncture treatment, ear acupuncture treatment and acupuncture treatment. Plum-blossom needle, as a more popular way to stimulate acupoints, can also be used to treat myopia.
    Plum Blossom Needle is a special needle, named after multiple needles bundled into a plum blossom shape. The plum blossom is used to stimulate blood at acupoints around the eyes to help relieve myopia. The specific steps are as follows:
    1. Prepare a pair of plum blossom needles and disinfect the plum blossom needles with alcohol;
    2. The patient lies on his back and takes alcohol to disinfect the Jingming, Tongzilian, Cuanzhu and Sibai points. When disinfecting, be careful not to let the alcohol get into your eyes;
    3. The plum blossom needles are filled with purified syrup of astragalus, turmeric, chrysanthemum and mint;
4. Tap the four acupoints with plum blossom needles, with even force, with the needle tip perpendicular to the skin around the eyes, and tap in the order of Jingming, Cuanzhu, Sibai, and Tongzilian. The intensity should be local redness but no bleeding. quasi.
    Plum blossom needle treatment of myopia needs to adjust the intensity and course of treatment according to different conditions. As for the curative effect, it also depends on individual circumstances. At present, there is no clear case that can completely cure myopia, but these methods can stimulate the acupuncture points around the eyes, accelerate blood circulation, help relieve eye fatigue, and improve eye blood supply.
    The above is some knowledge about the treatment of myopia with plum blossom needles. Because plum blossom needles are dangerous to strike the acupoints around the eyes, it is recommended not to strike by yourself. It is best to find a professional person for treatment to avoid damage to the eyes due to operating errors.
        Myopia affects our daily life and brings a lot of inconvenience to our work and study. In severe cases, it can also cause eye diseases such as eye floaters. Although there is currently no good cure, we still need to pay attention. Use eye hygiene, take a long time to read books and mobile phones, pay attention to rest, do not turn off the lights at night to play with mobile phones, develop the habit of going to bed early, staying up late is also very harmful to the eyes. To relieve eyestrain, you can also massage the acupoints around the eyes with your hands. You can make some chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea during daily office work. This tea can clear the liver and improve the eyesight. In addition to chrysanthemum and wolfberry, the astragalus, turmeric, and mint in Chinese medicinal materials also have the effect of improving eyesight and clearing fire. These medicinal materials can be used to relieve eye discomfort.


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