How to improve memory of elderly people

How to improve memory of elderly people
How to improve memory of elderly people

        When a person reaches a certain age, the various functions of the body will decline to a certain extent, and the memory is the same. Many elderly people have the problem of forgetfulness, so what should the elderly do if they are forgetful? How can this situation be improved?
   Many people in life have an experience, that is, the older they are, the worse their memory is. Especially after entering old age, the memory is worse. Sometimes I can't remember what I said in a few minutes when I turn around. Forgetfulness is a delay, and it requires thoughts to enhance memory. So how to improve old people's memory? In order to improve the old people's forgetfulness problem, it is recommended to take a closer look.
How to improve old people's forgetfulness
   1. Outdoor sports
   After entering old age, don't feel that you are old and just stay at home and stay away. For good health, you should do outdoor sports and take a walk outdoors. It is recommended that the elderly go for a walk outdoors, do Tai Chi, or look at the flowers and plants to make the body and mind feel better.
   And when it comes to outdoor sports, I can meet people my age, and I can talk about topics. More communication with others will help improve the brain's thinking activity and improve the brain aging problem.
   2. Move your fingers more
   Forgetful old people, they need to move their fingers more on weekdays. For example, doing finger exercises, or holding a walnut (or iron ball) in your hand and turning it back and forth. Doing so will not only increase the flexibility of the fingers, but also stimulate the brain cells and make the brain more vigorous. Help the elderly to strengthen the brain and protect the brain, and improve the brain's thinking activities.
   When the old man is free, he can fold his hands together, turn his wrists, and move the fingers of both hands. This action is very simple, and sticking to it is good for brain health.
   3. Think more
   The brain needs to be used to become smarter and smarter. The more you use your brain, the more flexible your brain is. After many people enter old age, they always preconceived that they are old, their brains are not working well, and their memory is poor. As a result, I gradually became disliked to think, even too lazy to talk. This is not good, and your mind will become less clear if you don't need it.
   Old people need to think more. They can sing and sing on TV on weekdays; they can play more chess and puzzle games. Helps to activate the brain, stimulates the vitality of the brain, and helps to enhance memory.
   4. Eat the right food
   If you want to improve your forgetfulness, you need to eat the right foods to help you replenish nutrients and enhance your memory. For example, cabbage, which contains vitamin B, can prevent brain fatigue and keep energy active; for example, fish, which contains protein, calcium, and unsaturated fatty acids, eat fish twice a week, which can strengthen the brain and improve memory.
How to do health care for the elderly
   1. Stick to an egg for breakfast
   Many elderly people don't like to eat eggs. They think that the cholesterol in the yolk is too high and they dare not eat them. In fact, eating an egg in the morning is good for the body, because it is rich in nutrients such as protein, which can supplement the body with the nutrients it needs.
  It is recommended that in the morning, the elderly can eat boiled eggs, or egg drop soup, or steamed egg custard, the taste is very good.
   2. eat enough vegetables
   Some elderly people prefer meat, and they don't like meat every day, especially greasy pork belly. The elderly's gastrointestinal function has declined. Excessive intake of fats on weekdays can easily affect digestion and absorption, leading to body fatness and more likely to suffer from the three-high problem.
   For the sake of good health, the elderly should eat less fat and more vegetables. And you should eat enough 5 kinds of vegetables every day, because different vegetables have different nutrients. Eating a variety of vegetables can make the body more nutritious and avoid the problem of insufficient nutrition.
   Among them, these kinds of vegetables are very suitable for the elderly, so you should eat more. For example, onions can help lower blood pressure; for example, purslane, known as "natural antibiotics", has a strong anti-bacterial effect; for example, celery, containing apigenin can help lower blood pressure and so on.


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