The high myopia complications

The high myopia complications
The high myopia complications

        In normal life, there are not a few people who can see myopia wearing glasses, but in fact, wearing glasses has many inconveniences. If the glasses are dirty, they will affect the line of sight. Then, what are the complications to high myopia?
   Nowadays, the development of electronic products is getting better and better. Everyone has their own electronic products, and electronic products fill people's lives. Although electronic products have brought us many conveniences, they have also brought harm to our human eyes. More and more people are experiencing decreased vision and the problem of myopia.
   And regarding myopia, it is divided into mild myopia and high myopia, and regarding high myopia, many people don't know how much high myopia is? High myopia refers to the degree of myopia of adults greater than 600 degrees, and the degree of myopia of children greater than 400 degrees. Don't underestimate the high myopia, the harm it brings to our body, because when suffering from high myopia, there may be complications.
   First, cause cataracts, or strabismus
   Patients with high myopia, because the eyes do not get sufficient nutrient supply, so the permeability of the lens is changed. However, when the nutrition of the present body is impaired, or the metabolism is abnormal, the lens will become more and more turbid and weaker, and the vision will induce the appearance of cataracts. If you don't get timely treatment, you may be completely blind.
   Second, retinal detachment occurs
   High myopia is likely to be complicated by retinal detachment. Because of the growth of the axis of the eyes in patients with high myopia, the nutrition of the tears has become obstructed, which will also cause degeneration around the retina. After the degeneration of the garlic mill, it will become very weak and prone to perforation.
   Third, suffer from glaucoma
     In general patients with high myopia, the intraocular pressure is easy to increase, which can lead to glaucoma, and may even make people lose their light permanently.
   Fourth, prone to macular degeneration
Because the blood circulation in the eyes of patients with high myopia will be poor, and the retina is always in a state of ischemia, then new vascular growth factors will appear in the retina, and the walls of these new blood vessels are very weak, and it will be affected by a little stimulation It will rupture and hemorrhage, forming macular hemorrhage. When a large amount of blood is absorbed, the new blood vessels will rupture again.


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