The dandelion tea side effects

The dandelion tea side effects
The dandelion tea side effects

        Dandelion tea has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, beautifying skin, antibacterial and anti-cancer effects, but we should pay attention to the side effects of dandelion. Let's take a look at the three major side effects of dandelion tea.
   Dandelion can not only be taken as a daily vegetable, but also a medicinal material that has a good therapeutic effect on many diseases. However, not all patients with physique are suitable for taking dandelion. The old traditional Chinese medicine doctor recommends that some patients with poor spleen and stomach and yang deficiency and external cold should be careful when taking it. Today, let's talk about the side effects of soaking dandelion in water, let's learn about it together!
   The side effects of soaking dandelion in water
   Dandelion has a very good heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, which is very suitable for some women after childbirth to promote lactation, and also has a certain effect on the treatment of mastitis. In addition, regular consumption of dandelion can not only treat liver diseases, but also has diuretic, choleretic, and treatment of indigestion and constipation. It is very effective for some eczema and skin diseases.
   First: Gastrointestinal discomfort
   Many people like to increase the amount of dandelion on their own in order to get better and faster results. In fact, this is very unscientific. If you take a large amount of dandelion, it is easy to cause various gastrointestinal discomforts, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, and diarrhea. This is mainly due to the narrowing of the renal tubules in the body after taking a large dose of dandelion, and the mild turbidity and swelling of the liver cells and the epithelial cells of the renal tubules, which leads to various diseases in the body.
   Second: Allergic reaction
   Dandelion is not suitable for all people to take, because a small part of dandelion will have allergies after soaking it in water. For example, urticaria or itching all over the body after taking dandelion water or dandelion wine are all allergies. In addition, there are some people who have turned pale or bruised after intravenous infusion of dandelion injection, and even have chills. These are all allergies. You must stop the medication immediately and go to a regular hospital for treatment. Examination and treatment. Related Recommendations.
   Third: Yin-Cold Syndrome
   Improper medicine is mainly manifested in the condition of cold and heat. The direct use of dandelion without dialectics of the body's disease will cause various problems in the body. Nowadays, most infections are fever, so the use of dandelion treatment will not cause adverse reactions or conditions of disease value. However, there are a small number of infections that are yin and cold. At this time, there is no fever in the body, and the course of the disease is relatively long. The physical condition of the patient is relatively poor. At this time, if you use dandelion in large doses To treat the disease, not only will it not lead to the improvement of the disease, but the patient will even experience loss of appetite, body deterioration and fatigue, and even night sweats and pale faces, and the body will become worse and worse. Therefore, we must be cautious when using dandelion in daily life, and we must not simply regard dandelion as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory medicinal material, otherwise it will be relatively harmful to the body.
   How to eat dandelion
As we all know, there are many ways to use dandelion, not only can it be used in dishes, but also has good medicinal value, so half of it can be stir-fried, soup, porridge, decocted, etc. The diseases and diseases treated by these methods are The tastes that appear are all different. The specific eating method is as follows:
   1. Dandelion is a treasure all over the body, and the root can be taken, and the effect can replace coffee, and it is not easy to cause damage to the body;
   2. dandelion flowers also have a good effect on nourishing the body. Generally, dandelion flowers are used in wine;
   3. Dandelion leaves can also be taken, and they can also be eaten raw. You can mix dandelion leaves in a cold dressing, add appropriate amount of edible oil and vinegar, so that the flavor of the condiment and the bitterness of the dandelion itself will be mixed, and it will produce a very wonderful enjoyment. It is suitable for taking in the summer and has an appetizer. And the effect of promoting digestion;
   4. Dandelion can also be used for cooking. A common recipe is fried pork with dandelion, which is not only very simple to make, but also has the effect of replenishing qi and detoxification after taking it;
   5. You can add dandelion flower buds to salt for pickling. Regular consumption can have a refreshing effect, but you can't take too much at one time to avoid damage to the body.
Dandelion originally has a bitter taste. Some people are not used to taking it. If you want to reduce this bitter taste, you can blanch the cleaned dandelion in boiling water for a minute or two, remove it and cook it, which can reduce it well. bitterness.
In fact, daily use of some dandelion water alone is very good for the body. It not only has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, but also can make the skin better and better after taking it. Even some beauty-loving women can make dandelion into a mask, which is good for the body. Very good. However, before taking dandelion, we must do a good job of dialectical work, and at the same time take it scientifically. This is the best choice for the body.


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