The benefits and side effects of motherwort

The benefits and side effects of motherwort
The benefits and side effects of motherwort

         In life, a large number of people have abnormal menstruation. Irregular cycles, too much or too little menstrual blood, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, etc., all trouble many female friends. For its benefits, motherwort is often used in Chinese medicine to regulate menstruation.
         Menstruation is a very important physiological phenomenon for women. Its health has a great impact on women's physical and mental health. However, sensitive and fragile menstruation always has various problems, which makes female friends very difficult. It has been regulating menstruation for a long time. Motherwort is often used to regulate menstruation in Chinese medicine, and it is an important medicine used by doctors in the past to treat gynecological diseases.
         Motherwort has many benefits. It can regulate menstruation, promote blood circulation, clear away heat and detoxify, and can also contract the uterus, diuresis and reduce swelling. When treating symptoms such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea, motherwort is basically used.
        Although motherwort has so many benefits, if it is not used correctly, it will also cause harm to the body. If they are not used properly or incorrectly used, they will cause harm to the body. Produce "toxin", have side effects and endanger your health.
So what are the side effects of motherwort?
    1. Lead to miscarriage
        Motherwort can stimulate the uterus and contract the uterus when regulating menstruation. These are very useful in regulating menstruation, but for pregnant women, it is a kind of "poison" that can easily cause miscarriage, so friends during pregnancy never use motherwort.
    2. Causes excessive menstrual bleeding
Motherwort has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Taking motherwort will speed up blood circulation. Therefore, if you have too many menstrual periods, it is not suitable to use motherwort to regulate menstruation, otherwise it will lead to longer menstrual periods and increased menstrual blood volume, which is not good for your health. .
    3. Long-term use to hurt the breath
    Although motherwort is a "women's friend", it is limited to consumption during the conditioning period and cannot be taken for a long time, otherwise it will cause harm to the body. Motherwort can be used to regulate menstruation only in symptomatic situations, such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and irregular menstruation caused by blood stasis, it can be used to regulate motherwort, otherwise it will damage the body's righteousness. Even if it is symptomatic conditioning, do not take it for a long time, and stop it when the condition improves.
    4. Exacerbate deficiency and cold
        Each medicine has a symptomatic disease. Only by prescribing the right medicine can the disease be cured. Irregular menstruation under different conditions cannot be treated with motherwort. If the dysmenorrhea is caused by blood deficiency and cold, taking motherwort will aggravate the pain. , The effect is counterproductive, so be sure to confirm the symptomatic before taking the medicine.
   5. Trigger allergies
        Many Chinese medicines themselves have both medicinal properties and certain "toxic" properties. The concoctions made from pure Chinese medicinal materials are more "toxic". This is also the place where Chinese medicine has been criticized by people. Motherwort contains certain characteristics. Substances may cause allergies, so be careful when taking them, stop immediately when you feel unwell, or try to choose proprietary Chinese medicines that have been processed and have less side effects.
From the above introduction, it can be seen that most of the side effects of motherwort are actually the healing effects of motherwort, but they will play different roles in different physiques. Therefore, you must pay attention to your own body when choosing medicines. Choose according to the situation, not take it blindly.


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