Acid reflux treatment by traditional Chinese medicine

Acid reflux treatment by traditional Chinese medicine
Acid reflux treatment by traditional Chinese medicine

        In summer, many people like to eat grilled skewers and drink cold drinks. After refreshing, they are prone to stomach acid reflux. It is generally believed that acidic water is called acid reflux from the stomach, and traditional Chinese medicine calls it vomiting acid or pantothenic acid. If it is swallowed immediately, it is called acid regurgitation.
        When people eat spicy, sweet, and greasy foods, they can stimulate the increase in gastric acid secretion, which can lead to acid reflux. This is especially true for people with irregular lifestyles and people who smoke, drink, and eat late-night snacks. Some people have pathological hypersecretion of gastric acid caused by gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, clinically, acid reflux is mainly seen in gastroesophageal diseases. At the same time, this kind of stomach discomfort is also closely related to the liver.
        The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs govern the five flavors, and acid is governed by the liver. Appropriate intake of acidic foods can play a role in nourishing and replenishing the liver. However, if you eat too much sour food, it will cause damage to the spleen and stomach and cause acid reflux.
        At the same time, the liver also regulates venting, it can regulate the Qi of the whole body and make people feel comfortable. If the liver is dysregulated, it can lead to emotional imbalance, impatience, irritability, depression, sentimentality and other bad emotions. As the saying goes: anger hurts the liver. Uncontrollable anger will continue to cause adverse irritation to the human body, causing liver qi to reversal, multiplying the spleen to invade the stomach, causing gastric dysfunction and stomach qi to reverse, and then developing into acid reflux.
        Traditional Chinese medicine has an earlier understanding of acid reflux, and its pathological attributes are divided into cold and heat deficiency and excess. In clinical practice, heat syndrome and empirical evidence are more common. The main pathogenesis is that liver qi invades the stomach and the stomach is lost and reduced. Its treatment is based on the basic principles of soothing the liver and relieving depression, and reducing the adverse effects of the stomach.
        Liver-qi invading the stomach is often accompanied by symptoms such as heavy breath, swelling of the stomach, fullness of the two flanks, upset and irritability, dry mouth and bitter mouth, dry throat and thirst, red tongue, yellow coating and other symptoms. In treatment, it is necessary to clear liver fire and reduce stomach irritation. Zuojin Pills or Chaihu Shugan Powder are often used for treatment. For diet therapy, carrots, lotus roots, tangerine peels, etc. can be used to make porridge, which has the effect of regulating qi and stomach. If the stomach is in harmony and the spleen and stomach are weak and cold, it is often accompanied by symptoms such as fullness of the chest and stomach, cold limbs, preference for food and hot drinks, pale tongue, and white coating. The treatment method should be warming and dispelling cold, and stomach acid, commonly used fragrant sand Liujunzi Soup and Lizhong Soup can be treated with addition and subtraction; in diet therapy, Radix Codonopsis (dangshen), Rhizoma Smilacis Glabrae (tuckahoe root), ginger, rice can be used to make porridge, which has the effect of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi.


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