5 reasons why children are tired of studying

5 reasons why children are tired of studying
5 reasons why children are tired of studying

       Why are most children tired of studying? What is the reason why children are tired of studying? Take a look at the following 5 reasons why children are tired of studying.
   When you were a kid, did you ever tell a lie: pretending to have stomach pain or discomfort to avoid school. I believe many people tried it when they were young, although they didn't succeed in the end. But, whether it was before or now, why do children have this kind of study-weariness?
   1. Psychological immaturity, stress
   Due to the immature physical and psychological development of adolescent children, the school and parents put too much pressure, which will cause the children to experience some emotional and behavioral changes.
   Growing up in today's serious test-oriented education, there is little free space for young students, which leads to inability to communicate, and suppresses various difficulties in their own psychology, resulting in introverted personality and biased attention, which leads to study weariness.
   2. Depression is a prominent emotional problem in adolescence
   Is the first peak of depression from childhood to adulthood. Many children have negative and suicidal thoughts. Children are pessimistic and desperate about their personal future, and have an inferiority complex. Due to the fact that parents and teachers do not pay attention to the changes in their children's temperament, children who have little communication will have extreme psychological contradictions, depression and suicide, let alone tired of studying.
   3. Adolescent sexual psychological conflict.
The investigation found that the occurrence of school weariness is related to some children entering puberty. When girls have menarche and boys’ first spermatorrhea, their alertness is enhanced due to the effects of nerves and endocrines, and they fear that school is actually a transitional defense mechanism. Abandoning school temporarily relieved the potential sexual psychological pressure of "not being discovered" and "not knowing what to do".
   4. The purpose of learning is not clear
   The students themselves may also be tired of studying because they are not clear about their learning goals, do not seek improvement or have improper learning methods, and fail in exams.
   5. In the case of extreme anxiety, it is prone to obsessive-compulsive disorder
   If you can't help thinking or doing certain things, knowing that there is no need to think, but you can't control yourself, and you can't get rid of it if you want to get rid of it. It's very distressed, and it makes you unable to concentrate. Sometimes, what I do is not independent of my own opinion, just like being controlled by my mind, passing by, confused, and this kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder is not attached to the study.


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