What causes gray hair and how to prevent gray hair

What causes gray hair and how to prevent gray hair
What causes gray hair and how to prevent gray hair

        In most people's cognition, people's hair tends to turn gray when they get old. In fact, there are many young people in life who will grow up gray hair , but they are not old.
   It is not a good thing to decline before getting old, it may be a symptom of illness. Therefore, young people suddenly find that they have a lot of gray hair and need to see a doctor as soon as possible. So what is the reason for the gray hair of young people? It is recommended to find out, which can help people take measures to prevent gray hair.
   What is the reason why young people's hair turns gray?
   1. Skin lesions
   The young man finds that his hair has turned gray, and he needs to be aware that there may be skin diseases, that is, skin lesions. For example, people suffering from vitiligo disease, if the disease appears on the scalp, the hair will easily turn gray.
   2. Genetic factors
   Some young people have gray hair, which is related to their parents. For example, their parents are also prone to gray hair when they are young, so their children are also prone to gray hair at a young age. If this is the case, don't worry too much, and don't be too nervous. This is normal. As long as there are no physical discomforts in the body, just let it go without thinking too much.
   3. Malnutrition
   Some young people are very picky eaters. When they eat daily, they always don’t eat one or the other. People who are picky eaters are generally prone to malnutrition. Because the amount of food intake is too small, there are few types of food, which is not conducive to the body's absorption of comprehensive nutrients.
   If there are not enough nutrients in the body, the hair will affect the production of melanin due to lack of nutrients. With less melanin, the hair will turn gray. Therefore, young people should pay attention to improving their diet and ensuring a balanced nutrient intake when their hair turns gray.
   4. lack of sleep
   Many young people in life like to stay up late, which can easily lead to lack of sleep. As a result, the body does not get enough rest time, which affects self-repair. If this is the case for a long time, the body will age very quickly, which will cause the hair to turn gray.
   Furthermore, people who often stay up late are often prone to endocrine disorders, resulting in hair unable to get enough nutrients in time. Therefore, the longer people stay up late, the more likely their hair will turn gray.
   Regardless of the situation, the hair turns gray, which will affect the overall beauty of the human body. If you want to look younger and more energetic, you need to take care of your hair and restore your hair to black and shiny.
   How young people can prevent gray hair from giving birth early
   1. Supplement trace elements
   Young people usually eat soy products, vegetables, etc., to supplement the body with trace elements, because adequate intake of calcium, iron, zinc, etc., can keep their hair black and beautiful.
   2. Vitamin B supplement
   If you want to darken your hair and reduce gray hair, you need to eat more foods rich in vitamin B. Because this ingredient is an important part of melanin, supplementing the body with sufficient vitamin B can effectively prevent hair from turning gray.
   For example, tomatoes, kiwis, grapes, oranges, walnuts, bananas, etc., all contain a lot of vitamin B. You must eat more to help people maintain their hair.
   3. Pay attention to sunscreen
   In summer, the sun is strong. Everyone knows that sunscreen is often applied to the exposed areas such as the face, neck, and arms. I am afraid that I will be tanned or sunburned, but be careful not to expose my hair directly to the sun when going out. Because the hair is exposed to the sun for a long time and is irradiated by ultraviolet rays, it is easy to damage the melanocytes, causing the hair to turn gray and dry.
   Therefore, the sun is strong in summer. When you go out, you must wear a hat or hold a parasol to protect your skin, scalp and hair, and reduce gray hair.


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