Severe body odor can affect communication. How to get rid of body odor

Severe body odor can affect communication. How to get rid of body odor
Severe body odor can affect communication. How to get rid of body odor

         Body odor is a very annoying disease. With this disease, people's body will emit a stinky odor that makes people unwilling to approach it. 
       Some people with body odor like to spray strong perfumes and use perfume to cover up the smell of body odor. But the serious body odor can no longer be covered by just covering it with perfume. The unpleasant smell is constantly emitted from the body, which can become very embarrassing in the crowd, which seriously affects communication. So how to get rid of body odor? Here are a few methods, you might as well try.  
 How to improve body odor   
1. light diet   
People suffering from body odor should adhere to a light diet and stay away from some heavy-tasting foods, such as onions, green onions, peppers, garlic, etc. These foods are very irritating and will increase body odor after eating. For this reason, people with body odor in daily life must avoid them.  
2. wipe medicine  
      After suffering from body odor, you can choose to wipe the medicine to improve the smell. For example, a medicine with antiseptic and antipruritic effect can be applied to the armpits to properly relieve the body odor. In addition, you can also choose to apply an appropriate amount of white vinegar on the armpits, which can also alleviate body odor. Among them, it is suitable for applying when sweating a lot.   
3. Clean the armpits carefully  
        Many of the time I took a shower, I didn’t wash my armpits. For people who sweat a lot, there are armpit hairs in the armpits. If they are not cleaned in time, a lot of sweat will accumulate in the armpits, which is extremely easy to breed bacteria. When bacteria are hidden in places with many folds, it is difficult to clean the bacteria without deliberately washing them during bathing. If bacteria continue to grow, it is easy to form an unpleasant odor. Therefore, it is recommended that people who sweat heavily in the armpits should focus on washing the armpits when taking a bath. When wearing short sleeves, you can moisten the towel with clean water, and then wipe the armpits with the towel. This will help keep the armpits dry, and also have a certain effect on improving body odor.  
What are the remedies for removing body odor?
1. use the moxa bag
     Prepare 20g of sun-dried mugwort leaves and knead it into a fine powder. Then pour it into the gauze bag and place it directly under the armpit. This is because Mugwort has an anti-inflammatory effect, and it is placed directly under the armpits to help inhibit the growth of bacteria under the armpits, thereby eliminating body odor.  
2. wipe with pepper white vinegar water   
     Prepare a bottle of about 500ml of white vinegar and 30g of Chinese pepper. Then put the two in the pot and heat directly on the fire. Boil the white vinegar to half, then pour it into a glass bottle and seal it.  
       Every time you want to use it, prepare a piece of clean gauze, and pour some water on the gauze from the glass bottle. After the gauze is wet, gently wipe the armpits. This can eliminate the bacteria under the armpits, eliminate the source of odor control, and ultimately relieve body odor.   
3. tomato juice  
    Prepare 100 ml of tomato , and after the shower, pour a pot of warm water, then pour the tomato juice and stir well. Then put 2 clean towels into the washbasin, soak them up and wring them dry, then fold them into small squares and place them in the armpits. Keep the posture for about 15 minutes and take off the towel. Stick to this method to help eliminate body odor.


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