The sudden premature menstruation and causes

The sudden premature menstruation and causes
The sudden premature menstruation and causes

       Menstruation is a physiological phenomenon,for a healthy.      woman, every month on certain days, menstruation will come on time, and menstrual blood, menstrual time is within a reasonable range.But if you do not take good care of the body, menstruation may suddenly advance, so what is the cause? There are many reasons for this situation, it is recommended to understand!
What are the causes of sudden premature menstruation?
1.Too nervous.
        Many women are in a state of tension for a long time,for example, not good at communicating with people,at work, will tighten the nerves.For example, to see important people, without self-confidence and become nervous.If you are in a state of tension for a long time, it will affect the endocrine, resulting in changes in menstruation, such as the arrival of menstruation days in advance, such as changes in menstrual blood volume and the like. So, women should be confident and not be too nervous when things happen.Slowly exercise yourself,let yourself slowly become bold.When you become a generous person, you can deal with anything calmly.
2.Poor living habits
        Life habits and physical health have a great connection, among which poor habits, there will be a lot of problems, such as early menstruation.So, on weekdays, women should develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early,to control their mouths do not always eat cold food,and do not learn to smoke and drink.
3.Learn to control emotions
        Temper too grumpy, will affect the body endocrine problems, and menstruation and endocrine problems have a deep relationship, therefore, endocrine disorders, but also cause menstrual problems in advance.So, on weekdays, women have to learn to control their emotions, don't always be angry,don't be an irritable“tigress”.Encounter things, please calm down, slowly solve the problem, so as not to be furious all day long.
        Suffering from gynecological inflammation
        Once targeted by gynecological inflammation, in addition to bringing itching, odor and other problems to women, it may also affect menstruation, causing menstrual disorders,such as early days and so on.Among them, there are many gynecological inflammation caused by menstrual disorders,such as cervicitis,endometriosis and the like, these diseases are not treated for a long time, it will cause early menstruation.
How to prevent abnormalities
1.Strengthen exercise
         Exercise more, help improve the body's immunity,and exercise, can promote blood circulation, so that the body's qi and blood circulation is accelerated, so that the major organs get enough nutrients, each to play their best function.It is recommended to take more walks on weekdays, or go to climb the mountains on the line.If you really don't have time to go out, doing finger exercises and stretching your lower limbs is also an exercise method.
2.Pay attention to diet
        If you do not pay attention to diet on weekdays, menstrual problems are very easy to appear, especially in the coming days of the menstrual period, there is just in the days of the menstrual period, do not eat the wrong food, otherwise, it is easy to cause dysmenorrhea and other menstrual abnormalities.
        So, the following kinds of food, please be sure to remember to avoid mouth:
        Spicy, this kind of irritating food, after eating, will stimulate the body, causing pelvic congestion, and then cause dysmenorrhea.And spicy food heat, after eating the effect of heat and dryness, it is easy to appear in the case of hot forced blood, resulting in bleeding becomes more serious, resulting in increased menstrual flow.So, grilled fish,spicy hot pot,dry pot frog and other spicy dishes, during menstruation, must avoid mouth.
        Cold,this kind of food after eating into the stomach, will bring a lot of cold to the body.When the cold meets the blood, it is easy to produce stagnation.During menstruation, if this happens, menstrual blood discharge will not be so smooth,it is easy to cause menstrual blood siltation, induce dysmenorrhea problems.So, women should avoid ice cream,ice fruit and other cold food.


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