How to regulate liver qi stagnation

How to regulate liver qi stagnation
How to regulate liver qi stagnation

How to regulate liver qi stagnation
   1. Drug treatment
   Under the guidance of a doctor, you can choose proprietary Chinese medicines for treatment such as Xiaoyao Pills. If liver qi stagnation occurs for a long time, you should choose a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination. Do not take drugs randomly, otherwise it will cause serious damage to liver function.
   2. Do a good job of emotional regulations
   Normally, you must adjust your emotions and face everything with a calm mind. After a long time, you can alleviate the stagnation of liver qi. Generally, you can heal yourself without taking medicine.
   3. Diet therapy
   Patients can usually eat more foods that invigorate the spleen and replenish qi, reduce liver fire, soothe the liver and regulate qi, such as barley kernels, sorghum, lentils, oranges, pumpkins, loofah, rape, golden needles, hawthorn, tomatoes, grapefruit, radishes, etc.
   4. Massages
   You can usually push the feet more, from the instep along the toes to the toes, you must be attentive, so that the feet feel pain all the time, and each foot needs to be massaged about 50 times. You can also sit in a position and bend your left leg with your knees flat. Then cross your palms on the inside of the roots of your thighs, and then push forward slightly harder until reaching your knees.


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