What is phone phobia and how to overcome it

What is phone phobia and how to overcome  it

         There are many things in life that people fear, such as darkness, mice, snakes, etc., and the telephone, an almost indispensable communication tool in modern society, has also become the object of fear for some people, and they will get nervous when they call. Anxious, speechless, afraid to answer the phone, afraid to call.
   People are the easiest to make correct decisions in a social environment with clear conditions. Many of the conditions on the phone are unclear and controllable factors are reduced. People tend to adopt a conservative attitude. The other party on the call is unknown. Therefore, as the party who actively expects to contact by phone, he will have concerns and guesses about the unknown interpersonal environment, especially when the call is to an important customer or boss, this potential worry is even more hesitant, for fear that the timing will not correct.
Then how to o overcome phone phobia?
   1. Make a call with close friends
   Often the communication between us and our close friends will not have too many obstacles, so we can call our close friends and communicate with them frequently, which can appropriately alleviate the phone phobia.
   2. Practice your eloquence
When you feel that your various phonetic pronunciations are inaccurate, you should practice your eloquence more in your daily life, read aloud in the morning, or communicate with close people frequently. This can be great practice your eloquence to a certain degree.
   3. Adjust your mentality
Phone phobia is actually not a big problem, because it is mainly a psychological barrier, and you feel that there is a certain gap in communication with others, so as long as you adjust your mentality and accept others from your heart, then you can have a large extent to overcome this obstacle.
Phone phobia is generally not a big mental illness, but sometimes it still affects our social communication. Therefore, people with too serious phone phobia should still seek help from a psychologist. After all, they are professional and can guide you in a better direction.