Do you know the manifestations of procrastination?

Do you know the manifestations of procrastination?
Do you know the manifestations of procrastination?

Do you know the manifestations of procrastination?
   1. No self-confidence
   Procrastination sufferers often lack self-confidence. In work, study, or in love, it is inevitable that they will encounter difficulties, and once they encounter difficulties or conflicts, procrastination patients will want to escape, because they are not confident enough and think they can’t handle these problems well, so they are procrastinated.
   2. I just want not to do it
   Procrastination patients often just want to do nothing and stay in the fantasy stage. Some people with procrastination seem to have ambitions. They are full of illusions about their studies or careers, and they are eloquent when talking with others, but they have never put it into practice. Knowing and doing are completely separated.
   3. Cowardly
Procrastination patients are often timid and fearful. They look forward to the future, resulting in extremely low work efficiency. Because their energy and time are consumed, those who are afraid of themselves will naturally not be able to do their work well. On the contrary, their self-confidence is lowered and formed. In the end, they just want to escape.
   4. Lack of execution
   When the subordinate confesses a task, or is about to face a test, such as an interview, an exam, etc., the procrastination will be procrastinated again and again. If it can't be procrastinated, it just has to deal with it.
   5. Don't take the initiative
   People with procrastination often do not actively do things, but passively accept them. Therefore, all work seems to them to be unexpected burdens. They will not take the initiative to walk in front of the work. Those who take the initiative are always comfortable.   
6. Laziness
People with procrastination tend to become lazy in the end. From procrastinating at the beginning to not dealing with it at all later, they are resistant to the problem to be solved from the heart, and they will definitely become lazy, decadent, and do not want to do anything.


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