Who are prone to fatty liver?

Who are prone to fatty liver?
Who are prone to fatty liver?

Who are prone to fatty liver?
        1. People who are too obese. When there are too many lipids, liver apolipoprotein is not enough to bind all lipids, and the remaining lipids are deposited in liver cells to form obese fatty liver. This type of fatty liver tends to gradually improve or even disappear after the weight is controlled.
        2. People who love to drink. Alcoholic fatty liver is mainly caused by liver synthesis function decreased. Studies have shown that 75%-95% of long-term alcoholics have fatty infiltration. People who drink 80 to 160 grams of alcohol a day have a 5-25 times increase in the incidence of alcoholic fatty liver than those who do not drink alcohol.
        3. People who lose weight fast. Fasting, excessive dieting, or other rapid weight loss measures all lead to insufficient sugar in the body to break down, which causes a large increase in fat decomposition in a short period of time, a sharp increase in the workload of the liver, damage to liver cells, and affects its lipoprotein synthesis Ability to cause fatty liver.
        4. Undernourished people. Malnutrition leads to a lack of protein in the body and the inability to form sufficient apolipoproteins. Lipids cannot become lipoproteins and enter the bloodstream, so they are deposited in liver cells and eventually form fatty liver.
        5. Diabetics. Epidemiological surveys show that about 50% of diabetic patients have fatty liver, and 50% to 80% of patients are obese, and the plasma insulin levels and plasma fatty acids are increased. Fatty liver is not only related to the degree of obesity, but also related to excessive intake of fat or carbohydrates.
        6. Drug abusers. The liver is responsible for decomposing drugs. Certain drugs or chemical poisons such as tetracycline, adrenocortical hormone, puromycin, cyclohexamine, imitrine, and arsenic, lead, silver, mercury, etc. can also harm the liver. It should be noted that lipid-lowering drugs can also interfere with lipoprotein metabolism, and long-term abuse will also increase the chance of drug-induced fatty liver.


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