How to enter the new collective and quickly integrate into the big family

How to enter the new collective and quickly integrate into the big family
How to enter the new collective and quickly integrate into the big family

        When people enter a new collective, they will be a little bit confused. At this time, how should we quickly integrate into the new big family?
   1. Observe and be familiar with the style of the team
   The style of each team will have different characteristics due to factors such as the nature of the industry, corporate culture, team age, and leadership style. When you arrive at a new group, you must first be good at observation, talk less, do more, and gradually become familiar with team members and culture through various methods, and then join in by a suitable way, it will be easier.
   2. Appreciate and praise colleagues more
   Discover each person's strengths and express them sincerely and directly. No one will refuse other people's praise, even if a person is humble, they like to listen to others' praise. This will make people feel that they are valued, and thus feel intimate with you and value you more.
   3. Bright eyes and quick hands
   Find out the needs of colleagues in time, and extend enthusiastic hands when they need help, such as fetching couriers for colleagues, carrying colleagues home by the way, etc. This kind of positive, enthusiastic, and helpful newcomers in the workplace are often more popular with their predecessors.
   4. Take the initiative to participate in group activities
   Use lunch time to chat with colleagues, go out to eat, sing, play ball, etc. with colleagues after get off work, and discover the common hobbies of the team. By participating in these activities, you can quickly eliminate the strangeness between colleagues and play a good ice-breaking role for joining the new team.
   5. Take the initiative to ask old employees for work
   The most fearful thing for newcomers is to be eager to behave, modest, prudent, down-to-earth people, no matter where they are, they will be welcomed. Ask as much as you can about things you don't understand, and ask for advice humbly. Most colleagues are willing to show their knowledge and abilities in front of new people. This is also the best time for you to learn new skills.


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